Lead Tokenomics

Tokenomics is short. For Token Economics, it is the metrics investors look at, while doing their research about a crypto currency project.

Various components that make up the tokenomics of any coin includes,

Initial Supply: this is the starting amount of coins or tokens for any project. It is that amount of token minted at the onset.

Maximum Supply: Maximum supply is the total amount of tokens that can ever be in existence.

Circulating supply: this is the amount of token that can be bought or sold at the moment.

Burning: burning is the process of destroying a given amount of tokens, hence removing it from existence.

For Lead Token, there is exciting tokenomics and am going to share it with you.

1. Initial supply. Was 1billion 

Then over 36mill got burned leaving only 964mill tokens as Maximum supply.

Currently the circulating supply is about 454 mill tokens, 

but is this figure really true?

We have over 110mill tokens locked in DEX's like Uniswap, Julswap, and pancake swap as liquidity.

We also have over 118mill tokens locked in the Lead staking Contract.

When you do the math, you'll find out that the

 Actual circulating surply is around 166mill lead tokens.

With such an amount of token in circulation, it won't take much buying power to push lead into Hyperspace🔥

Every quarter, 30% of profit generated is used to back and burn the token, this burn will continue until only 300mill lead tokens are left🔥

So you see Lead as an interesting project has huge potential of growth, that's why I bought and am holding it💪

This is not a financial advice folks😎





Image is mine

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Ifiok Eso
02 Mar

This is an amazing tokenomics you have made here about leads token.. I think its high time for me to invest in this token.. 


Ifeanyi Obasi
03 Mar

If u have spare cash the buy bro. It's an amazing wallet project. With exciting features


Ose Akioya
03 Mar

Thanks for this writeup, I wanted to ask a question so I can I have more knowledge. What is the reason of the burning? Is it to make the token scarce or make it not available so as it cause high demand on it causing an inflation in the price. Just need your answer on it sir


Ifeanyi Obasi
03 Mar

Burning will reduce the available coin, so assuming there is constant demand, Burning will kill supply and price will rise 


Ose Akioya
04 Mar

I get it now, thank you very much. I will do further research on that.


Aleza Noor Noor
03 Mar

Thanks @Ifeanyi O for sharing this. I suppose that is the time where we must need to hold the coins as it could be going to present big earnings in the future. Let's make investments and grow to be the large one.


asma noor
03 Mar

This is an great tokenomics you have got made here about leads token.. I think its high time for me to invest in this token


M.A Khan
02 Mar

Thanks @Ifeanyi O for sharing this. I think this is the time where we must have to hold the coins because it will be going to give huge profit in the future. Let's invest and become the big one. 


Ifeanyi Obasi
03 Mar

Yeah Holding crypto currencies often come with huge gains...


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