lazy people should dedicate a little time to fitness

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 According to new research revealed new and exciting information regarding the minimum required for physical activities in order for a person to enjoy good health and become physically fit.

The researchers revealed a big surprise, as they indicated that practicing only 4 minutes of strenuous and violent exercise at a rate of three times per week, is very sufficient to enhance the health of lazy people, and make people who suffer from lethargy and lack of movement, more active and enjoy good health and a high physical fitness provided Regularity in exercising.


The researchers continued, that many positive indicators appeared on the health of these people, as there was a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the efficiency of the body's consumption of oxygen increased, after only 10 weeks of exercising as before.

The researchers pointed out that these results are very exciting, especially since many people think that getting a fit and healthy body is very difficult, and requires hard effort and the practice of long hours of physical activities and exercise, but the results of that study revealed the opposite.​Photo source​​​



Maha 🇵🇰
27 Nov

Well it is true that if you won't take care of your fitness, you'll be lazy all day and inactive to doing every other tasks. Being fit is really necessary of being active.


Dua Fatima
27 Nov

A little bit of exercise can keep a person healthy. But some people don't know about it. They think that it is very difficult to remain fit and healthy. Exercise increases the life of a person. It takes many diseases away that may happen to lazy people


Chidiebere Nze
27 Nov

I have practiced for 3 days, feeling very painful and tired at the moment


Adeiyi Iyiola
27 Nov

Firstly doing or engaging in exercise is not an act of Lazy! I am an entrepreneur and I usually engage in daily exercise of at least an hour before hoes our daily to my office . Exercise should me be a must for us all because it is an act of fitness and exercise


Raja 79
27 Nov

To live a happy life, a person needs to be healthy, but health and fitness cannot be maintained without exercise. There are two types of exercise. One physical and the other mental, mental exercise is just as important for man as physical, because if the brain is not used, it will also become useless.







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