Last year goal achieved and UU miracle made it Double

Good day everyone am so glad to be back at uptrennd after a few days break ,my last year goal when I joined uptrennd was to become a citizen before the end of the year but that didnt happen mainly because of my work here in Aba that has been taking a lot of my time which am building structures to leave and focus on my master class  and the content writing and other projects ,it hasn’t been easy all this while but God has been faithful .

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A miracle happen  between the last 3 days for me ,my last year goal came to fruition two days back and today a double miracle happened  I was promoted to another level at uptrennd and I am sure it the doing of my able mother and chancellor Tiger lily and the staff of uptrennd university ,seeing this today just remain me that God is not late but able to do the impossible even though I didn’t met my goal of citizen last year I met it this year with a double promotion and with the new innovation coming into uptrennd that has been making waves on twitter citizens will be become celebs soon and am sure we are whale already hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Am glad to be part of this great school and family were we love ,learn ,share ,impact ,connect and transform those we come across ,at uptrennd university you are permitted to come as you are but we wont let you remain like that ,there is always a quick paradigm shift and mindset ,you will be loved like never before ,we will support you at all course ,you may think I don’t have time ,we  arrange classes for people in all works of life with your choice course @udemy a time that sort your convenient you get to chose,were you will register at udemy for a little fees and you will be given a tutor to always teach and mentor you personally ,if you want more details contact me for a guide either on twitter @purityjoseph247 or comment here for responses.



Endeme Tariah
07 Feb

Nice post but difficult to read because of the font and style used for the post, most letters are not visible.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
07 Feb

Made some adjustments ,thank for the observation







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