Ladies are not stupid!!

No they are not!!! 

The reason you might think that they are stupid is because their emotions are involved, the day their emotions leaves, that day you will know that there are not stupid. 

That day you will know that 

They have been keeping records all this while.

They have been keeping quite.

They decided to let things go 

They decided to love regardless

But that doesn't make them stupid!! 

Guys please stop messing with the feelings of your female folks, especially your girl friends or fiance. 

That they love you doesn't make them stupid , No it doesn't.. 

Stop taking their love for you as weakness. 

Please no matter how funny they behave, please show them love, respect and careDon't ever look down on them.

Those creatures( women) are wonderful. The greatest mistake you will make in life is to neglect the power of a woman. 

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Amy lai
04 Nov

Actually those who think that ladies are stupid behind the screen they are stupid because ladies are most beautiful gift of god for us because we have ladies in the the shape of of mother, wives,and sister.


Sara Rai
05 Nov

Women are very beautiful part of our life in mother shape women are very respectable and great blessing so we always do respect in every condition.


UrOoj Fatima
04 Nov

There are absolutely many people who consider women as idiots and understand that women cannot do anything 

  But their thinking is weak, women are never weak and tolerates a lot more and handles everything. 

  No one knows about the power of a woman, 

 No one can understand a woman, but a woman understands everything, knows everything 

 Woman is not weak woman is very strong woman can handle everything 

 People who consider women to be weak are themselves weak. 

  Always respect  women 


Abigail allen
05 Nov

Women is a precious gift of God. Women are very sensitive but powerful. Behind the success of every man there is woman it's a reality of life.


Uwem Ekanem
04 Nov

Indeed, women are very precious and we should always show love, respect and care for them because they are the weaker vessels and they are the help meets for us. We should always understand them because there is power in a woman


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