Kris is always Kris


Last day it was the birthday of Kris who is one the most famous guardian.

People showed their love to Kris by wishing him in telegram Uptrennd group and sending wishes in DM.

He was getting wishes from all around.

On that celebration many people were tiping in Uptrennd telegram group.

We were not at his home to get a treat from him but we have a home I mean Uptrennd and here we celebrated his special day with too much fun, Even Navi another popular guardian of this platform even donated tokens to celebrate his birthday.

I decided to make a Meme on that situation so, you can see my above meme video in which I tried to explain the situation that people were annoying to Kris by wishing him again because he was getting wishes from everywhere and suddenly the situation changed that instead of being annoyed Kris enjoyed all that situation that everyone is wishing him with warm heart. 

And this is from my which I can do for Kris, by showing love to him through my Meme video.❤️

Happy birthday Kris❤️😍🎂💐🥳

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Stay safe.......

Stay blessed......

Stay Healthy........

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preview not available Kris JS
24 Nov

I love this ❤️❤️❤️ it's so funny and he can bust a move just like me 🤣🤣🤣


[email protected] [email protected]
24 Nov

Haha 😂 you’re right one of our beloved Guardian and sincerely you doing a great job bro by the way the dance of kris is fabulous 😂😂😂😉.


Badar Afnan Alam
25 Nov

hehe! It's indeed a funny meme! I really appreciate your efforts of wishing Kris on telegram. I enjoyed the meme. Good post!


Amjad Ali Waince
24 Nov

You expressed your love to Kris JS in unique style. Happy birthday to you Kris.

A lovely meme video , well edited.


Maureen Eze
25 Nov

Once again, happy birthday to the famous Kris. I hope he enjoyed his birthday and hope lot of gifts came in on the day of his celebration 


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