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Knowledge Is The Unending Wealth


This is the story of a student who was in the tenth grade. He was very fond of reading and learning. He was an intelligent student. The day before, a new child entered his class, his father had a big business. He was not interested in studying. He used to spend all day playing games and enjoying outdoor.

One day he said, “Dude, I have been watching you every time I enter class, you keep studying while very often you take a break. Gradually, the whole class became friends, but you have not become my friend yet. He said, "No, we are all friends. The fact is that I study as much as possible in school. I have to study here. My father has a grocery store. In the evening I sit with him and help him.

He said, "Well, then you become my friend. I have a lot of money. I will help you." He said, "No, I want to be a man by studying and working on my own. For how long would I spend your money? He laughed and said, "My father has a lot of wealth that will never run out. I can buy everything for you. I don't need to study too.

He said that you may be right, but there is no greater wealth than knowledge. The one who works hard will surely make his way out to success. He just ignored what he said and spoke, "I don't understand your words" The time passed and later he got the first position in high school while the other one barely passed.

He continued to struggle hard and got a job in with his qualifications. Few days later the owner of the company said, "I've bought a factory where you should take charge of the manager but one thing is that the factory is in a very bad condition. You have to work hard and I will give you 50% shares. He said, "I don't have the experience. how can I? "The owner said, "It was going well, after the death of the owner his brothers seized it. They were not professional. The company suffered a lot. The factory owner had only one son who could not understand the affairs of the factory due to his lack of education. The factory is selling at a very low price. I hope you will work hard and diligently to make the company well."

After several months, he established a great factory. One day, when he got out of the factory, he saw a young man standing next to a watchman. He talked to the watchman and inquired about the person. He said, "That man is the son of the previous owner of that company. Now he is living nearby the factory with his mother."

He recognized him and went to him, as he was the same boy that came to their class. That man came near to him and  said, " You were right, knowledge is the real wealth. That can never be seized or snatched."



Ishmael Kelechi
14 Apr

Knowledge is powerful. It helps break the neck of ignorance. That guy must have a good plan not to be kept in the dark when matter that requires academic response comes up. 

In our daily activities, we should keep learning and not look away or be distracted by issues that may hamper our learning. 


Abdur Razzaq
14 Apr

That's the amazing story of this Great boy who came up from gross level to higher level.

No doubt he has done a great job with hard work and established his own factories.

We as struggling people can get lot of experience from his great story


Khadija Sheikh
14 Apr

No matter how big you get, keep acquiring knowledge..because we do not get success unless we have knowledge.
If there is knowledge then we will do any work only on our own hard work then we can be successful again


Balvinder Suri
14 Apr

You are so right only knowledge without its practical application will hardly yield any results


Fatimah Yetunde
14 Apr

Wow I love your story assuming the body didn't put his mind of his father's property he will also be making use of the knowledge he had in school that is why it is important to work hard on our studies and try to learn new things a lot of things may be snatched from but our knowledge and what we've can never be snatched away from us


Farah Ikram
14 Apr

I am glad to hear that he stayed consistent to his aim to study and refused to take the money of other guy.Finally his knowledge make him to stand so high to achieve this status. 

And the other one lossed his huge factory due to his ignorance. Although he realised his mistake but it was too late.


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