Kidnapping for Bitcoins, OMG😰

A recent case pops out in the media last week, in which an eight-year boy was kidnapped & criminals demand 100 #BTC in ransom, Around $2.3 #Million at the time of the kidnapping.

It was a Bitcoin-related #Kidnapping, in which a son of a local businessman from Karnataka (India) got kidnapped, according to reports the Family of a child (father and grandfather) was prominent local businessmen and investors in cryptocurrencies, and more precisely, Bitcoin.

Somehow the local authorities formed a special police group that traced the #ransom message from a cell tower & have arrested and accused six individuals on the case, concluding that they are well-known to the kidnapped boy’s family.

#Crypto is a new asset class compared with traditional finance, that’s why some bad actors are trying to take advantage of the same, it's been difficult to track crypto transactions & with the increase in the popularity of Bitcoin due to its prices, more n more people tend to attract towards the same.

Try to avoid posting your profits and portfolio on social media.

Thanking you !


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Eshal Kakar
29 Dec

oh my God demand of cryptocurrency is high,

i like your last point do not show off your income successful business to people


Asim Alvi
29 Dec

oh God, so sad, really unbelievable, that the kidnapper demand bitcoin, mean crypto, is the father of the kid involves in any sight of crypto, I think so...


Senor Blindsky
29 Dec

This was to be expected. As more people get to know about btc, more people look for easy ways to earn them too.

Its the same reason we see exchanges get hacked when there is a bull run. 

Better stay safe. that is why people prefer anonimity in the cryptoworld.


Burak Ülger
29 Dec

This is a terrible thing. Child abductions have really started to be very much lately and it is really nonsense to ask for crypto money in return.


Yhu Biee
30 Dec

Yes your right

It's not good to show your success to people







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