Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Morocco: the (4) African countries maximalists on Bitcoin!

African continent have a large marge to become crypto heaven and that isn't anymore a secret but also in the continent there are countries that are maximalists on Bitcoin.

Accordingly to a  Blockchaincenter site the (4) African countries are even best positioned on the list among many other powerful nations worldwide, that for me isn't a surprise, as African societies have been running to found a stronger way to invest their savings and empower themselves for government support!

Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Morocco have been doing great on the Bitcoin trading market most source of negotiations being the P2P bitcoin exchanges such as Localbitcoins and Paxful. This kind of exchange despite offering some KYC rules aren't complicated than other exchanges and accept many ways of payments in the case of Paxful offer also mobile payments such as M-Pesa that is well appreciated and widely used on the continent.

The success of this Exchanges in such markets of trading increase the acceptance in those 3 locations also the ways of payment are accessible and for unbaked persons is great to purchase Bitcoin without needing to pass for hardworking and "headache" caused by Banks.

Of course more countries in Africa negotiate Bitcoin but Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Morocco offer more ways to buy and sell the asset with a population with knowledge that want to secure and "escape" for their Government corruption, unemployment and many other social injustices.

There are other great African countries such Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Djibouti who offer an amazing market for Bitcoin, but the above mentioned have more people searching Bitcoin word online and trading exclusively the Bitcoin asset!

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Ali Baba
16 Jun

I like the people there because they are very cheerful and sincere and they are doing a great job.


Daniel Ezenma
16 Jun

I can't say so much for other countries, but I know Nigeria has millions of hardworking bright minds who look to invest appropriately


Latest Crypto
16 Jun

crypto is gradually gaining attraction in africa


Kostas Tsakaloglou
16 Jun

Yes, and this is great. It will be very good for cryptocurrencies, to get great usage. This is good news.


Alberto Dionisio
16 Jun

Yes that shows that BTC and Crypto are being widely used!


Isaac Tosin
16 Jun

That country is not known to me that much, but Nigerian is qwll known for its doggednes and positive mindednes to life


Alberto Dionisio
16 Jun

Well Kenya is a country with many intellectual minds and they have great knowledge in BTC they are the ones where M-Pesa got created.







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