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We are well familiar with the word "justice". ​​​​Justice ensure equality among all the people whether they are rich or poor. Every one in this world demand justice but except few people all other didn't want to do justice when the ball is in their court.

Justice is the important pillar of any stable society. If nation has powerful judicial system than no one can ruined the nation. If any nation economically week but judicial system is strong than no one could harm the nation.

On the other hand, any nation which is economically very strong but it's judicial system is week than the nation will be sentenced to death.

Justice remove the inferiority complex in the society. It ensure that no one is superior to another and everyone is equal regardless of color,cast,religion.

In most of cases, the high rank people have no fear of anyone, they can do anything they want to do and ruined the people who have not any big resource to compete with them. In such situation, poor people are ruined and the nation is destroyed.

So we should form the powerful judicial system so that justice should be maintain on every level and stable and strong nation will be formed.

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Madiha Maan
12 Jan

A country without justice leads the country to disaster. Justice is very important for peace and order in the country and it is also very important to have justice in the court. No society develops without justice.







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