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JUST REMEMBER: We Are Early Adopters

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Elena Demou 5 days ago

Thanks Nathan, I appreciate your support!

Erica Fleming 5 days ago

Ur killing it with these today, Nathan!!

Erica Fleming 5 days ago

Nice!! I was just talking to my husband about this the other day!!!

Elena Demou 5 days ago

It's nice knowing your already ahead, isn't it? cool

Romana Grubesic 5 days ago

Love it! And i do love the true optimism which has a true and solid background. We are all early adopters. (And i also like green letters :) )

Elena Demou 5 days ago

Thanks Romana! I am glag to hear you are enjoying my writing!

Romana Grubesic 5 days ago

I really did :) when I was reading about early adopters 2 years ago, numbers were a bit lower :), but we are all still early enough to have a right to call ourselves "early adopters". 

Elena Demou 5 days ago

Two years ago, people probably just started to cross over from innovators to early adopters!

Romana Grubesic  5 days ago

Ah, statistics...the bunch of data inside gauss curve that give approximately true value :)

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Great post Elena :) very well put together and love the memes too! haha

We are definitely early adopters of this amazing tech! like you say in the long run we will all benefit just have to learn to be patient and clever with your project choices :)

Elena Demou 5 days ago

Thanks Luke! I did promise I would write more original content. Turns out, I really enjoy it!

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Ahhh thats great to hear! always good to find a hidden skill :)

Patrik Banko 4 days ago

Where do you guys and gals even find all of these photos haha

Elena Demou 4 days ago

There are free stock photos all over the internet, you just have to search for them!

Patrik Banko 4 days ago

well I know, I guess I am just bad at searching hah

Darko Pokorni 4 days ago

it is clear that early adopters stage is in progress, it is question how long will take for the early majority, but blockchain as a technology has too much to offer to be ignored, just be patient

Elena Demou 4 days ago

I agree, this is a waiting game. I plan to be patient for sure! I think it'll be worth it! wink

Exciting World Cryptos 5 days ago

looks like a good plan for sure

Elena Demou 5 days ago

Right? Just stay the course! 

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 5 days ago

Excellent content, Elena :), completely agree, for being early cryptospace users we will be greatly rewarded for it :)

Elena Demou 5 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the article! 


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