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"Just make sure you see the collateral beauty"

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Life they say is made of the good ,the bad and the evil.

To human, our wants are always insatiable and we all want the good things of life.

We want the best of cars.

We want the best of Houses.

The best of kids.

The best of families.

We all just want to be happy with nothing to worry about forgetting life ain't bed of roses.

When life gives you sweetness don't be over joyous about it, be calm and enjoy the moment and know for sure there is more to life.

And to that someone out there whom life has put you to test.

What do you do to react to it?

Do you cry , scream or spit curses about the present or maybe you wished you could turn back the hands of the clock, perhaps you go ahead asking yourself all form of rhetorical questions 

Why me , why this , why that, over and over.

 Right isn't?

No judgement , i see it normal , you're only being human and reacting to the collateral damage life has served you. But do you know of phrase saying everything does happen for a reason.

Yes it does, all planned to happen, destiny it is.

When life put you down , don't lose your emotions totally to it believe it a part of the process and watch out for that silver lining just in that misty cloud when it does appear.

Yes I mean the collateral beauty.

The beauty that lies within, the kindness ,the sympathy ,the new doors open wide in front of you. 

The collateral beauty it is.

Meaning no matter how tough and dark times are , there is always something beautiful happening right there for you to be on the look out for.

Positivity in every negativity.

Just make sure you see the collateral beauty.


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Bright David
23 Apr

This is just so awesome... So simple and easy to understand. I really don't think there is anyone who would read this post without understanding what collateral beauty is all about.... Kudos to you explaining this perfectly in this piece. 

No matter what life throws at it, always make sure to see the brighter side of it... 


Adetola Muheez
23 Apr

Thanks so much for the kind words mate.

Glad you got the message quite alright.

There's always a bright side in dark times


Adams Toskid
23 Apr

Bravo! This is a fantastic write-up. Life is a test whenever we find ourselves in any problems we should stand firm and have faith that one day it will surely be good.

Life is full of collateral damage. But we can endure and change the story to collateral beauty.

Nice one mate.


Adetola Muheez
25 Apr

Thanks mate.

We should always see the bright side to things


Alagbe Adeniyi
23 Apr

Your write is really fantastic and also very concised... A statement triggered in my heart through your post which says Whatever you are destined to be would surely happen only if you implement a work done on it 


Adetola Muheez
25 Apr

Yes..we can go beyond Destiny for sure.

Time will tell


Chidiebere Christian
23 Apr

Indeed no matter how dark or shady a path can be,there is always something that can cheer one up. We should be optimistic amisdst the rough things we face I life


Adetola Muheez
23 Apr

Very well buddy.

You got the message quite alright


preview not available Kong .
25 Apr

Really spot on, there will always be positivity, even in the midst of negativity, we have to ability to decide which works best for us.


Adetola Muheez
25 Apr

Thank you sir.

Light at the end of the tunnel for sure


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