Just bought a book with crypto

I know the author of the book Kateryna for several years, from Upwork events for Top-rated freelancer, and when I saw information about this book, I decided to read it.

But only recently I read an interview with Kateryna about life, her experience as founder of a marketing company as SaaS product, so I decided to buy it and even found that it's available on Amazon Kindle. But I was planning to buy it in paperback from the local bookstore.

But in the interview, there was mention that Kateryna is interested in trading, so I asked her about crypto-trading and it became evident that she is interested in cryptocurrencies. So that's, of course, the reason to meet and speak more. So I asked if I can buy the book from her directly with crypto and she said "Yes, of course". I choose Bitcoin Cash as payment, as I had enough funds from my small and modest income on ReadCash and NoiseCash.

I was happy to speak about cryptocurrencies with such a smart and beautiful person. Kateryna's company, SearchEva is doing SEO and Content Marketing services mostly for SaaS companies and right now they have the capacity to take few more clients. If some of my readers from crypto-projects and companies need such services - don't hesitate and contact them https://searcheva.org/



Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

Wow, you just did the best thing. Knowledge they say is power and this power lies or is gotten from reading books..


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
23 Feb

Knowledge is power and it requires alot of understanding to balance it.


preview not available Osato Jegede
26 Feb

Awesome the crypto use cases is increasingly becoming rampant 


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