Juego en el Grupo de Telegram de Uptrennd Español (Werewolf)


¡Hola, querido Uptrenndian!

¡Nos gustaría invitarte al juego semanal que organizamos cada martes en nuestro grupo de Telegram!


¿Qué juego?

El juego se llama Werewolf.

Es un juego de roles donde los participantes toman papeles de aldeano, cazador, lobo, asesinos, entre otros.

La idea es que los aldeanos maten a los lobos antes de que los lobos se los coman.

Los ganadores son aquellos que permanecen vivos al final de una ronda.

Se realizarán 5 rondas en las que se reparten 30 1up entre los ganadores.


¿Cuándo y dónde?

En nuestro grupo de Telegram: https://t.me/UptrenndEspanol.

Cada martes a las 10:00 pm UTC (06:00 pm hora de Venezuela).

¡Juan Porras [@jdpp94] te esperará allí para una tarde súper divertida!


¡Hasta pronto!



Bright David
17 Nov

Wow... This sounds so interesting. Why have I not heard about this before? Thank God I was lucky enough this time around. I won't miss this for anything in the world. 

Thanks so much for this great information.... I am a game lover and I love such kind of games. I will be there


preview not available Ivan .
17 Nov

Nos vemos entonces! 😎


Bright David
17 Nov

Thanks so much sir... I joined the channel and found out that everything is in Spanish.... Does that mean I will have to be translating it before I can play the game?? 


preview not available Ivan .
17 Nov

Of course! That's because it's the Spanish Telegram channel. Didn't you read the post? 😅


Bright David
17 Nov

I did read the post... I translated it before reading. Notwithstanding, I will still come online during that period.... I might still benefit


Ayoola Adegoke
17 Nov

This is the first-time I will be reading about this game

I will try and participate too


Amah Samuel
17 Nov

This is great from you as it has always being. I'm sure never to miss this one given the fact that I heard about it quite early enough.

Just like an early adopter in the world of crypto currencies, I have adopter this one quite early enough hahahahahaha..😂😂😂.

Great one though!


Iniobong Samuel
17 Nov

Wow this gonna be amazing though I have not play it before but I gonna I give a try thanks for update


Olaide Okeniyi
17 Nov

I have joined the group and the channel, now prepare to participate in the programme


preview not available Ivan .
17 Nov

See you later! ✌


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