JOURNEY FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING (A girl who was full of life )

JOURNEY FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING (A girl who was full of life)

Behind every successful person is a painful story that helps him to kickstart his life on the road of success without experiencing pain you will never get to know the taste of success.

Ayesha's life was full of joy she never experiences the struggles of life which makes her an unambitious girl without any specific aim about her future. But there is something that destiny surely takes a turn and this turn brings Ayesha into the relationship of marriage with a successful businessman.

Life was beautiful until she realized the question : 

Who am I?

What is my identity?

At first, I was the daughter of my father and now I am a wife 


Who am I without these two persons in my life .......

It takes 25 years of her life but finally she takes the first step to find her own identity in this world but it's not always about the first step even the sun takes time to rise and shine and to find your identity in a world demands sweats, effort, hard work, patience and lot more.

But all these hurdles become nothing when you had strong support.

‘’Its human nature that we achieve what we heard about us''

For instance, if you told a kid that you are unable to do this thing he will never be able but if you motivate him just with your supportive words he can achieve anything.

Ayesha had that strong support in the form of her husband who played his role positively to make Ayesha find her own identity.

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Ayesha Malik
23 Feb

I am feeling jealous of this Ayesha😂🤣 forgive me for this nonsense.

I guess having the support of a partner is the best gift a girl can have.

Others may claim regarding this but only the value is being realized by the true one.

Congrats and prayers ❤


Morris Ohi
23 Feb

That's great support the struggle we're in today is what will shapen us to who we'll become tommorow. 


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