Join the Aeternity Starfleet team.. 2days to go

ONLY 2️⃣DAYS LEFT for applying for our very own Accelerator for Blockchain startups - æternity Starfleet! Powered by AE Ventures.

👉This time the Blockchain workshops will be in Malta!

👉Starting from November 4th the selected teams can participate online or onsite!

👉It is absolutely FREE and it gives you an enormous set of business skills you need to boost your blockchain idea!

👉Apply here:


Here is a selection of past winners to give you an idea of the use cases we are looking for:

AMPnet (Croatia): Crowdfunding platform for renewable energy cooperatives -

UTU (Kenya): Trust solutions based on AI that render existing reputation solutions obsolete. Including P2P Lending, eCommerce, mobility platforms, freelancing and home services. -

WeiDex (Bulgaria): Blockchain agnostic dapp ecosystem for exchanges. Key features: NFT marketplace, cross chain atomic swaps via oracles, fiat-to-crypto gateway. -

RideSafe (Kenya): Real time health solutions to the public motorbike sector in the event of an accident - (Germany): cashless, user-friendly, on-site payment platform for the music events industry -

Cryptotask (Croatia): Decentralized Freelancing Market with integrated dispute resolution -

Homeport (Bulgaria): Open marketplace for ground station capacity and data storage based on smart contracts. It is focusing on the efficient collection of satellite data, including earth imaging, atmospheric data, broadband internet, and maritime comms, using a decentralized global teleport. -

Cryptic Legends: The Game (Serbia): Hero Manager Game where you can trade NFT Heroes on the AE blockchain -

Data2Honey (Slovenia): Global IoT data search and filtering engine with a marketplace facilitated by blockchain-for validation of data sources and transactions. Data analysis through an AI virtual environment with reporting and machine-learning model training. -

TraDEXsocial (Bulgaria): User friendly mobile mining client and decentralized social trading exchange. Ranking algorithm for crypto newbies -

YAIR Berlin (Germany): Tokenizing media artwork Intellectual Property rights -


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