Join me today in Fun Trivia 5 PM UTC

It's been a time I have hosted any trivia or events in Uptrennd Telegram Channels. These events build a strong bond between mods and users after all we are users like you with some extra responsibilities.

I remember Karaoke nights, Pictionary Game, General Knowledge Trivias in the past and we enjoyed a lot why not we start them all again? Look actually we did already. Contests & Events are on full move if you think traffic is low then you're just missing an opportunity as I've defined in my previous posts.


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What will be that? 🤔 Is it same or something different? I guess we all have played that game in our childhood and today it's gonna be full fun because I don't think it's so hard.


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Haha! Most of you guys are already excited by just seeing the context of trivia but I'm here to explain in details for those who don't know about that 😁

In this fun trivia, I'll be giving you guys a random "Alphabet like A, B, C..." You've to guess a correct Name, Place, Animal and thing starting with that particular alphabet and the fast fingers with fast minds will be tipped :) 🥳

Isn't that Exciting?

Yes, it is because even in higher school we friends used to play this fun game and I can't wait to play with you guys because I've been in touch with all Uptrenndians almost a year now. So don't miss this & be on time today 5 PM UTC at Uptrennd Casual Chat and spread the word.

Fun Trivia

Venue: Uptrennd Casual Chat

Time: Today 5PM UTC

Pakistani Time: Today 10PM PKT

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Kinza Hasmhi
20 Jan

Trivia is looking so exciting event and IAM so excited to join this channel and IAM want to enjoy

Many users already excited by just seeing the context of trivia and IAM also

so I would say to all users to join this and enjoy this funny moments


KimJoe Abara
20 Jan

I haven't joined any of your games yet...

But see this one.. I won't miss out...

5pm utc that's 6pm in Nigerian time...

I will surely drop by..

Thanks for organizing this 


Sana ullah khan
20 Jan

 I'm so excited for that and I can't wait for 10 o'clock And now I will spend the whole day in this suspense, when will play this time come and I will be waiting for you, thank you very much, have you done this for all of us


Amjad Ali Waince
20 Jan

Yes trivia always a time of excitement and anticipation. But we should have hawks eye and speed to reply quickly.


Adams Toskid
20 Jan

Wow! This is a great opportunity for me to participate in your games again,  I think this will be fun that will be 6pm here in Nigeria....  Thanks for the privileged. 


Adetola Muheez
20 Jan

Wow.. been a while on telegram trivia.

I'll try as much possible to join the night trivia.5pm is d gym.

Thanks host @navi for this


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