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Hope all of you are good and enjoying your days on this plateform.

I want to discuss that which is better.job is better or business Is better.

Different people have different opinions.some prefer to do job and some always want to do business.

There are differebt points in both ones.

1.There is very low risk in job but high in business. job investment is not required but in business required.

3.profit in job is in the form of fixed salary but in business it depends your efforts you can get high profit. job you required high qualifications as compared to business. job your motivation factor is your promotion but in bussiness its your success and your profit. job you have act upon others vision as compared to your own business.

7.Freedom in job is fixed as compared to business.

8.Growth is slow in job as compared to business. job working hours are fixed but in business it depends upon you.

I hope you get my point.The decision is your.

Stay blessed all.

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Wisdom Chinonso
09 Feb

I will go for business because it will last forever and it will help me move forward


Abid Ali
09 Feb helps a lot to move forward.


Marina Nawaz
09 Feb

I'll go with busniess because there so many benefits more than job...


Abid Ali
09 Feb

Good choice


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
09 Feb

A business has many advantages, one of them is that profits depend on your performance, therefore a business is better than a job, especially in my country where salaries are so low and insufficient to cover basic needs.


Abid Ali
09 Feb

When basis needs not fulfil we prefer for business.But a lot of efforts required in business.its not an easy game.


Zara Malik
09 Feb

Nothing could be better than to be your own master and business gives you the freedom of enjoying your own self-decisions. But at the same time it also has has its disadvantages as well so I think someone'personally matter alot while selecting for a job or business.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
17 Feb

In my opinion, mostly people prefer to do their own business because they don't want to work under people.. 

Moreover, due to lack of employment business is preferred more.. 







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