Jealousy on Uptrennd !!!

I am very sad to say that there is jealousy on our beloved platform :(

Definition of Jealousy:

Jealousy is a feeling of inequity in distribution of resources.

According to me:

Jealousy is something which destroy your inner satisfaction and ruins your peace of mind

It is becoming a Trennd 

There has been seeing a trennd of hate now a days on Uptrennd. Those who don't make quality Content are hating the quality Content creators and giving them a huge amount of downvotes and even they are not forgiving their followers too. This is bad , this is really bad a thing.

I don't know why you guys  are hating each other when you clearly know that you are not the reason or any concern for the daily bread of each other. 

My Request:


Please Please Please 

Stop this blunder 🙏🙏

Be like friends , be like brothers , be like sisters , don't hate each others , instead you should pray for each other and support each other , and rather than hating you should take your time to be creative and try to improve your skills to get the best results as Uptrennd always encourage quality Content 😍,


 If you make it a routine I believe that you will get fruits when you stop hating and focus on your own work. you will become like shining stars too 😉❣️

My Message:

At last I want to say this to the users who are being hated 

"Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. They are people who think that you are better than them."

And want to say something to the haters also that 

" You are being tracked and we have completed our investigation, We know each and everyone of you and decided to give you a last warning, it would be a better choice for you to stop this nonsense otherwise a strict action would be taken against you , so consider it as your last warning and never do it again , those who are downvoting quality posts and Comments intentionally and reporting users on Telegram intentionally will get their accounts muted soon ;)

Best Regards: 

Your Lovely Admin 🙂

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Abdullah Riyan khan
31 Aug

Thank you sir you have taken a step to catch these jealous people it was happening with my lot of friends I am really thankful to you in Sha Allah now no one dare to do that ♥️♥️


Malik Asad Riaz
31 Aug

Jealousy is a evil which tends to destroy humans peace of mind, and satisfaction. 

That person always remain burning in others success and move. But at the end, he got just embarrassment 


preview not available Skyway Poster
31 Aug

Yes of course we should never show your jealousy with someone because jealousy destroys power relaxation and we don't get anything. if someone is jealous of someone's posts and points so he should not show hate for him. And he should need to improve his posts and articles. Our Islam orders us to avoid from jealousy


Field Nigga
31 Aug

Some of us make posts of better quality than the topshots, we just don't get the recognition we deserve.


Ayoola Adegoke
31 Aug

You've conveyed some nice point 

I don't think there should be jealousy on this platform

We should rather work harder instead of being envious


Promise Azuali
31 Aug

It's a normal human feeling, though it can be contained. 







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