Its Time To Fill Your Wallets With 1UP....

Hello everyone... Now a days we can listen the chirping of many people about the uptrennd because of 1up price. Lets Talk about it.

What are you expecting dear? Did you have any other coin which is easy to earn like 1UP?

What about the last time when 1up was skyrocketing and everybody was singing uptrennd songs?

This time is best for those people who are having empty wallet with zero balance.1Up price is too low and its best time to purchase 1up and store it in your wallet.

Current price is $0.00355486 which is not so high...

For Pakistani users now 1UP is at the cheap rate of 0.57 PKR  and you can easily buy(Eth Fee Not Mentioned)

Same for the Nigerians 1UP is availble at 1.36 Naira(May be it varies with different exchanges)

So its the best time to fill your wallets with 1UP.Stay motivated.

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Kardar Akhtar123
25 Nov

Working hard to gain more and more 1ups so that whenever its prize rises I can get benefited...hoping for the good news very soon


Aakash Baloch
25 Nov

Yeah you are right dear, its best time to buy 1UP.

By buying 1UP will also help in increase in price of 1UP. 

Thanks for nice suggestion 


Mark Ceeza
25 Nov


This is really that best time to fill up your wallet because of unexpected pumping😂. I still hope uptrennd will rock in this season.


Muhammad Sajid
25 Nov

Nice encouraging post. It's true that when price of 1up was high there was a great rush of people. People who work for money only. They are not dedicated to the platform.

Your suggestion of investment is also good. 


Tariq Shehzad
25 Nov

Ok Good for sharing with us.

But I'v a problem that I can't take withdrawal jet now because withdrwal request is to complete 3000 points.







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