Until you understand the power behind *LEVERAGE* and you understand the law of Finance (Law of poverty and Law of Wealth) which says;
"If you want to remain poor, work alone or work for someone and if you want to be successful work with people but not for people".

Until you realize that you need to have workers or build a team to achieve your *BIG DREAMS* you would remain a slave all your life (an employee).

The successful folks realised they needed leverage to succeed so they hire not just anyone, but the best and they use him or her until the person is useless then they retire you and look for another fresh, viable and young chap to replace you and the process goes on and on, you can only work for Dangote, but you can never own Dangote group of companies or be richer than Dangote as an employee.

The Wealthy and successful realised that to be successful, other people must succeed through you. The trick is an employer can never pay your true worth, every employer pays you 10% of your worth and take the remaining 90% as profit.

They set targets for you, and you hit it, yet you keep missing your own targets. From today, you can set your own targets in this business. You can determine how much you want to earn daily. You can go out there by all means, recruit enough people and thus building a team that's capable of paying you nothing less than *N200,000* daily. That's my dream.

Remember that all things are possible to them that believe. Let's get to work and make it happen.



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