Being a good child starts at home not the school. One can be educated but still lacks good morals if not properly trained at home. Always remember:

  • Never push your responsibility to the teacher. It is at home that the child learns to say thank you, It is at home that the child learns to show respect, pray, greet and to love. Informal education comes before formal education.

  • The Moral upbringing of the child starts at home, it is the responsibility of the parents, not the teachers. Teachers are there to guide the child on the part laid by the parents. 

  • Neglecting your children all because you are busy at work can affect the child negatively, not everything is learned in school. The first language a child speaks is the language of his household, this means the first behaviour of a child is learned at home.  

  • Peer pressure can never win over your children if you develop a strong bond with them. Make out time to be with them, direct and guide them be their best friend. Being knowledgeable can be acquired through constant studying, wisdom is a gift , morality is planted and nurtured from infancy. 

  • Note: having a child under your care makes you a parent, never wait to have your biological children before you assume the role of parenting.

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Amber Kashif
16 Nov

Parenting starts at home. In fact parenting starts when the child is in the womb. Whatever appears in the mother's surroundings, and whatever mother does during her pregnancy everything has its impact on the child's personality.

After the birth, first two years of life has vital importance in building the personality of the child. How parents treat them during this time affects their whole life. 

Schooling starts later in life, when more than half of the attitude and moral building is already done. School only works as an icing on the top. If the child is nurtured in the best way at home, school will groom him. If the foundation is not strong, school cannot help much.


LadyV Okafor
16 Nov

You are absolutely right, children get their basic foundation at home, school is solely for knowledge and a little icing to the already learned morals. When a child misses the basic foundation, it's always hard to correct


Abiodun Oguntuyi
16 Nov

You hit the hammer on the head, charity begins at home. Parents should do well to perform their roles not living it for the teachers too perform. If only all the parents can do well to bring up their children uprightly our society will be a better place


LadyV Okafor
16 Nov

Yes parents should make their children's upbringing their priority over trying to make money for the family 


El Salvadore
16 Nov

I child will have to pass through some moral issues, if the parents are not there to guide and lead him through life and atleast show him the basic home training.

In this training as well, there is the need to develop a very strong and unbreakable kind with the children to beat the rigours of peer pressure.


LadyV Okafor
16 Nov

When the parents fail to do their duties right, peer group will always mislead the child


VicMore Nwafor
17 Nov

What a child exhibit outside the home starts from home that's why they said that "charity begins at home". It is the duty of our parents to make sure that they do their job well at home before the child leaves the house.







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