Greeting and pleasantries !!!! 

I hope you all are doing well and great and enjoying the 2up smoothly ....

So , you all know that winters has already come , with the cool breeze along , hot coffees, teas and dry fruits to eat and drink, 

Shaggy's and uppers to wear and trying to warm our self , and Just sitting or lying , enjoying the comforter hotness....


Along with that , some of us , probably , most of us forget to take care the body skin and the beauty .....

Need of water

We all know that water is the basic need of the body and the body consist of almost 70% of the water.

In summer , this water need may be cover by  drinking water utmost that covers the body need of water, but this lack the need of water in winters mostly , for those who don't care for the body and let it to soak.

Scientist say that , in winters and summers we have to drink almost 7-8 glass of water so that it fulfill body tissues and regulate water metabolism in the body, 


Are you really sure , you drink 7-8 glasses per day ???


Not even me ,

Caring for body skin

Our body skin become rough due to the lack of water in winters and the moisturizers , So we need to apply these on daily basis to make it fresh and lovely , so that other when see , admire it. Also it makes a good impact on others too ...


So for that , a body lotion ,of any type , a moisturizer , Vaseline , a little amount of oil would also help , and and ...the most important , water , should be use by all , if they want to make their skin fresh and loveable



Raheem Rao
24 Nov

Yes almost  winter  has come and in that seasons  we get more diseases  and many othe problems  

So always  be care.

Nice  tips 


Nisha Tahir
24 Nov

right in winter we should take care of our skin most often especially in case of water consuming because we usually don,t feel thirsty but our body require water so we should drink water if we feel like or not 

thanks for put some light on  a valuable topic because this winter health must be our first priority 


maya Choudhary
24 Nov

yeash , winter is approaching and now we should take more care of ourselves , it is essential to take care of us with the changing weather and keep us hydrated 


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
24 Nov

with the changing weather conditions it essentially important to check your health and adopt measures that will keep you healthy this season,drink plenty of water to keep you always hydrated and remember eat healthy diet and fruits most especially


Saviour Essien
24 Nov

Very nice tips to escape the winter cold & stay strong. 

Thanks for sharing I believe your post is very educative. 







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