It's Not Reversible!!
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It could only get better if it was reversible, could it happen....... I only hoped and wished I could turn back the hands of time.....

    Those memories still hunt me any time I recall them, making me hating every single moment each tragedy occur.

    Mrs Theresa, a woman whom I have known all my life for 25 years.... she nurtured me and always stood by me, so troublesome and very stubborn above all she's a very strong and brave woman.

    She bear 7 children, whom all are adult and have given birth to her grandkids, fortunately I was given birth by her third her granddaughter.



    Mrs Theresa is woman who set example of a virtue woman..... she was my best pal.....and am very fond of her.

        Not until a strange illness befell her....she struggled and survived it....and she was whole again and everyone was happy.


She is always been taken care of, one fateful day my aunt whom she is staying with went to the market but she just stepped out of the aunt forgot something at home and went back to get it, she went in and met my granny in a bad condition she screamed for help and she was taken to the hospital.

What happened really baffled me, she has been taken treatment and responding positively... but at same time she was struggling to survive, trying to stay alive and she kept struggling.... when I look at her, I see her trying to stay alive, that pain, that fight, that endurance, that suffering 😭😭😭😭😭.


I felt it....I prayed for a change but it seems it was getting worse and I left her in God's hands...... the closeness and love I have for her began to come back and I hoped she will be better.

I was about to write my last paper and that was when I heard the painful news of my granny.....I wept is bitterly...... and that's how I lost her... I just wished to turn back the hands of time so she could get better and play with her.... could her DEATH be reversible.... can she really comeback again...... how would I see her again 😭😭


      This is my grandma that I lost on December 16 at 9:16am ..... may her sweet soul rest in peace! AMEN!!

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ifeoma enudu
22 Dec

Death is inevitable, it is a call which every man must answer. Mama has done her best, she had put on a good fight but the Almighty knows the best.

May God Almighty console you  all and give you  people the fortitude to bear the lose of Grandma.

May her soul and the souls of other faithfuls rest in perfect peace.



Cesca Jove
23 Dec

Painfully yes, we must answer those call when it's time and can't escape from it.

Thanks for your sympathy ma'am I truly appreciate your comment.


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
22 Dec

yes but it is a stage one must accept there is no way around it. maybe there is a step afterwards


Williams Akpan
22 Dec

It is quite unfortunate and disheartened how death tends to take away our love ones unexpectedly. Accept my condolences, may her soul Rest In Peace. 


Cesca Jove
23 Dec

Thanks lot wills....I appreciate your sympathy and care....


Imma .
22 Dec

So, sorry. May her soul rest in peace. It feels so bad when you loose someone close and dear to you


Zarnish k
23 Dec

This is reality of life we cannot compete with it,

I am really sorry for your loss 😢


Cesca Jove
23 Dec

Thanks zarnish am really grateful for your sympathy....







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