Hey friends!!!!

    How are you all...!!

I have been observing lately about 1up and it's plan to reach $600 wutts!

       I hope you know what am talking about.....I have read so many articles about it...and to be honest I have seen that most people think alike and move together!

    But that's not my topic for today's you know that people joke with a lot of things!

     The Evil Trend

We just moved into year 2021 and we haven't gotten anywhere at all just still in January 1st week.

          Do you remember when this “faceapp” application came out, and many people used it as fun, many youths took photos with it and it showed them how they will look in 40 years time.... that is to say your recent picture VERSUS what you will look like when you are an old person.

    I could remember when I watched this news on BBC and this female reporter was seriously talking about that app.

         She repeatedly warn every one to stop using that app because according to her or to some observations not proven scientifically that it was  a way to draw people into hell or probably attack them.


Now we have a current trend which is going very viral and so many people are taking it as something which is not worth observing......... you must have heard about “CHARLIE CHARLIE”.

      It's trending now in every social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social apps.

      And almost everyone is taking part in that some people it's working and too some other it's not..... But the main and realest truth is that it works....and it's very evil and demonic.....


     People are already warning others to stop this unspeakable act....and avoid engaging in doing it...

      Take a look at that screenshot image below!! 


         You see what am saying..... Why engaging yourself in what you don't know fully well.... why's that the youth of our days trend with evil stuffs.... Hmmmm to be warned is to before harm... can't place that well but you know what I meant...... Please and please tell your love ones everywhere.... 

      Because many..... I repeat many youthful souls.. will be lost.... this year....... What am seeing is beyond only “CHARLIE CHARLIE” it's demonic...... Don't get me twisted before you say Nigerians with their mentality..... Learn and pray to have DISCERNING SPIRIT to differentiate between evil from good.... everything seems normal to everyone!. 

No wonder it was said in the Bible in Hosea 4 Vs 6.........

My people are DESTROYED for lack of knowledge.

Because you have rejected knowledge


       In some other version of the bible it says “My people PERISH for lack of knowledge,

because you have rejected knowledge.”

PS: For you to have knowledge, you need to have the spirit of discerning to enable grab the knowledge or insight.


Q1 } What do you think about this enchantment.... that's viral.....and would you advise people to stay away from it?

Q2} In your own mindset or mentality what do you think about this evil trend!

   ....... answer in comment section!..... no spamming thank you! 

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John Ipinmiso
08 Jan

Hum! Quite deep. "The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned." May God deliver us from errors of ommission or commission.


Cesca Jove
08 Jan

Well quoted...... they dwell in the flesh and does not observe the things of the spirit......He will always help those that are willing to tear away themselves from the snares of the devil.


Godson Romeo
08 Jan

this trend is not new to my eyes, it seem it have happened many years ago, even before you were born,

you have to understand that everything in this world are forming again into new trends in form of recycled trends.

this name assuredly is evil, i know, but many people are going to die, and no one can ever changed that destiny, i repeat no one will be able to change that destiny 

except him or her decides to escape by himself if he seeks for the light above earth and submit his own cross to God.

i dream about this too, and i must tell you, this world is about to be refilled with numberous angels and demons.

the war have begin, a man with 666 already exist.

so my dear, be careful and read the words of the lord everyday because there are some evil power no man can fight not even an angel


Cesca Jove
08 Jan

Evil has always been in existence before we were born.... but it wasn't so opened this way..... it was done inside within any sight like that...... but GOD said that his coming is near, the days of evil and sorrow and auguish is coming.......evil is now norm everyday....

The man with 666 is only manifesting himself because it's time to strike.... they were waiting for the time to come.

Reading and studying the word of God is what I crave for..... thanks for stopping by godson...


O.P iykman
08 Jan

Hahahaha 😂😂. Believe me, I am laughing seriously, bro.

There are indeed a lot of things that we (mere mortals ) can not change or amend but it's no so when we mentioned God. Of course, angels are messengers of God, and which they succeed in all missions because they are spiritual beings.

I strongly believe that there is nothing that the angels of God can not fight and conquer.

I am covered in the blood of the sacred Lamb oo 😂😂😂


Godson Romeo
08 Jan

lol, but not entirely  true, because not all angels have the power to heal a demon or conquer it, so those angels who goes to war are called the legions 


O.P iykman
08 Jan

Heh hehe!! I don't even know my reasons for laughing!

Dear Cesca Jove, the wisdom to distinguish good from evil has been given to us, since the beginning of the world.

I can't give any reasonable answers to your questions, because I haven't heard of the app you mentioned. 

 Charlie Charlie, I guess is new and if there is anything devilish in it the world must have kicked against it.

 I am not disputing your viewpoint.

However, there are a lot of things in our world today that is so devilish. 

I will make my research later and may God deliver us from the snares of the evil ones.

I am sorry for not providing an answer to your question.


Cesca Jove
08 Jan

Really??? The world will kick against huh??.

You should really make your research before dropping your view....

“ Devilish ” How can devilish act be kicked out.....????

Is it by encouraging killing of innocent people or do you want me to go deeper!!

And who's the world?

Correct....the wisdom to distinguish good from evil..has been giving to us..... but how many applies it .......and how do you get the WISDOM?



O.P iykman
08 Jan

Come back here!!

Do you want to kill me with questions huh? 

Well, discernment/ wisdom or whatever, is the knowledge acquired through deep research and that's experience. It's just the ability to know what's right 

When I mentioned wisdom in the first comment. I meant that it's high time we start to ascertain before executing.

Unfortunately, many a man has a brain but they are not using it.  

Dear Cesca J, you know that I didn't dispute your viewpoints rather I gave you kudos. "Hope you are not angry at me huh!


Cesca Jove
08 Jan

Hehehe I can't be angry with you at were just wanted to understand what you are saying.  ... thanks for stopping by!


Egwu Doris .
13 Jan

I also watched this Charlie Charlie of a thing. One thing that Nigerians hear is GO and they don't understand COME.

The lady who brought the video into limelight said people shouldn't try it. If it is tried, the demon will come and stay and the demon needs to be sent back if you don't want it to stay. People didn't listen or understand that part at all. Instead they welcomed demon into their homes and lives.

To me, the devil is really looking for ways to possess people and get their souls to hell, people might not reallydie immediately but will have to do a lot of deliverance to be free. Things around them will definitely not remain the same.

We should all pray for discerning spirit, it is one of the gifts of the holy spirit.

Thanks so much @CescaJove.

Nice to meet you.



Ethics Isaiah
18 Jan

You have made a good post filled with admonition and very educating.

To the first question, That which is evil is evil, no matter how we look at it. I must say that we should decease from cueing into anything we see on the media. We should stay clear from it.

To the second question, I will say it's the end time and whoever fails to see this coming, falls prey to the devil 😈 which is not what anyone is praying for.

Just like you were trying to put forward to us, "To before one is to before armed".

Your post is very good. Keep it cool!







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