It's better now than later.
It's really been a while the traffic here slowed down, due to the drop in value of the 1Up points....

As unbelievable as it may seem the fewer people here posting daily and keeping the fire burning with quality posts are earning more points while those waiting for 1Up to boom are losing out unknowingly.

For the first time since joining uptrennd in May, it was when the traffic reduced, I got my first 100upvotes.... It's really not much but it's something...

With this post, I'll be urging everyone here to keep up with quality post in order to utilize their posts for more points...

Quality posts = More points.

Meme by me.

#Real #1Up #MemeMonday


Nouman Yousaf
30 Nov

This is true sir quality post can gain more like and more points.Mostly people leave the picture of flowers making.2month ago mostly people were making post about flowers with bad camera result.Now they leave this.


Real Demilade
30 Nov

You're absolutely right sir.

Although we're all here for the money and points but it only takes those that understand the process to wait.


khan jee
30 Nov

what is your means

if any person have not good quality post then he will leave uptrend your means ?? you have quality you select good qulity and bad qulity post ??? 

kindly respect all member of uptrennd if He or She posting any post him or her self then respect it please


Real Demilade
30 Nov

You didn't get the point and you're protesting against what I haven't said...

What I've said is keep up the good work, post quality and earn more, if you don't make quality post at a time as this you're losing points unknowingly


Chudi Otti
30 Nov

Congratulations... Reward comes to people who work hard in the midst of challenges. Those who run away will be left with nothing. So keep up with dishing out quality posts for us all.


Real Demilade
30 Nov

Thank you so much for the heads up... Thanks for your time and posts too.


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