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It's all gone. I can't even think straight

UPDATE:  You will see in the video, that I'm very distraught. I didn't know how it happened, and I still don't. I was upset, confused, and some of the details are blurred.  I am updating this the next morning with more clarity (still don't know how it happened... but here is what I do know below) 

The total amount stolen was approximately $8000 1up - that was swapped into ETH.

That ETH was combined with the ETH I had - to come to $18000.

Initially, I saw the two transactions and added them - thinking that the total amount was over $25000.  But the $8000 of 1up was converted to ETH, and then sold in total - for $18000.   

The amount is still a hefty amount - of course.  But I wanted to be accurate - its $18000, not $25000.

Also - I do not think it was Poloniex where the vulnerability lied.  That was NOT where I was supposed to connect my wallet.

I do NOT think it was ShapeShift - because their reviews on the Google Play store was 2.7 and I did NOT complete that connection.

I DID use a brand new BNB-Hive bridge that day, and THAT did require me to connect my Metamask, however i do NOT think it was that either.  Because the person who created that - built it for the community and kept his name on the project.  I think a thief would NOT do that.

Once again - I do NOT know where my vulnerability was.  I initially thought it might have been a password that was very similar to my Metamask password (that I had created in haste that day)  But - both my phone (that requires bio-identifcation to open) and my computer (that WAS still open as an extension on my Chrome)  WAS WITH ME all day.  Either in front of me - or inside a locked car.  Whatever my vulnerability was??? The hacker certainly knew.   

I've since removed all the approved sites for my Metamask - but that's a little like closing the barn door after the cows have escaped.  

All I can say is - I'm going to make a tweet with all the info.  I can't find him - but maybe the world can retweet all his (or her!!) info and brand him (or her!!)  the thief that they are.  Let's link arms, and find the thief, and not give him (or her!!) a moment's peace until they return the money.  Most likely never?? so then... I think they should never have peace until our wallets are restored BY THEM.


I was trying to buy some crypto today.

because I live in the US - there are a lot of exchanges that I cant use.

So I created a Poloniex account. [edit: I also was in Shapeshift today - and maybe THAT is the one that required the Metamask connection?  I also ended up not using that because I was initially TRYING to sell some old Steem - and since they aren't connected to Blocktrades anymore  - that was the hopping around to try to get to sell that. I am not sure where the thief got in. But they got in.]  So - STEEM, POLONIEX, SHAPESHIFT???  BEWARE OF THOSE SITES.  (edited. I do not think this was the vulnerability)

Set my password with a portion of it that was similar to my Metamask.

Connected  my Metamask, but then did not buy any crypto with the Poloniex. (edited - nope - as stated above, it was NOT Poloniex that required me to connect my Metamask)

Checked it out, thought I would come back.

My daughter and I spent the afternoon laughing, talking, catching up.

We decided to go to dinner.

As I was driving home tonight, I finally picked up my phone and saw a notice that I had sent 6 Ethereum.

Um.. no.  I most certainly did not.

I opened my Metamask.  It was all gone.

Not just Ethereum.


Leo. (edited. I think this is still intact, as it was recently staked?  Will check more today!  Hoping!!!)


$25000 - gone, just like that. (edited- total was $18000, as stated above)

My son opened up his phone, and I told him the time where my ETH was gone.  He said - Mom, at the same time someone sold 1.2 million 1up.

That was mine.  

All that I was holding.  I had 200k set aside for blessing all the people in Uptrennd City game. and its gone.

I'm absolutely in tears right now, and can't stop crying.

Please be careful and keep your passwords unique and updated.  Love you all. 

By the way,

The owner of this wallet - is a thief.


Here are all their transactions from the last 7 hours

Looks like I wasn't the only one they stole from. They've been busy little thieves.


and this one looks like their oldest wallet that they have been stealing with


The rest look like they were created today and used to break up all the money they stole and put into separate wallets.

Hope you enjoy the money as long as it lasts, because I'm sure you will eventually get caught and have to pay for your actions. Money will come and go, but your character is disgusting. I won't give another thought to you.  I have other things to plan, and will get back to step one.  You haven't stopped me.  You've only put a bump in my road. The Lord is my Strength, you are nothing but a stronger motivator for me to be more diligent, more motivated, and more determined. Peace, thief.



Eze David
30 Apr

Tiger lily, I can feel your pain right now but it not the end of the world. Please stop crying. You are a strong woman. I admire your courage of even creating this awareness. So sorry for this huge loss 


Tiger Lily
30 Apr

It really is a huge loss.  I am still sad but so angry at the mindset of a thief that thinks anything is his for the taking.

But - this is what happens.

I'll certainly not trust the Poloniex site anymore. LOL  Apparently hackers work there. lol

But - regardless, I have to take responsibility for creating a password in haste today and using even just that small portion of similarity to my other password.  It's a lesson.

And it is a lot to lose.

but who knows.  Maybe the Lord is teaching me this now - because later, I will have a larger wallet and need to protect it even more.  :)

Thank you David.  I appreciate your love, and yes, I've stopped crying  (but the tears are coming pretty quickly when I stop to think about it again lolol)

Its ok.  You're right.  This is not the end of the world.  My family is healthy and sound, and this is a bump in the road.  The Lord is good and even in this craziness - I know that He has a plan for me!  :)

I trust Him even in this chaos.  He sees it all.  Love to you.


Eze David
01 May

Please just try to stop crying because I hate to see women cry. I'm too emotional whenever I see any woman crying. God will use this disapointment to bless you mightly. I believe. Watch and see. The thief won't go unpunished by God because God has reasons for everything. Every disappointment is a blessing. Wipe your tears. It will be ok. God bless you Ma. 


Suny A
30 Apr

All I can say is I am feeling so sorry after reading this. I have never seen you without a smile on your face so your tears are making me feel more sad. I know how it feels like losing money that you saved for a purpose. Have trust in Him, he will find ways to earn more than what you have lost. I know, no words will reduce your feeling of loss but at the same time, I know you are strong enough to come out of this situation. 


Tiger Lily
01 May

Suny - your words are making me cry all over again. LOLOL  (and now I'm laughing because I'm crying!)

Yes - I think I always have a smile.  But don't worry.  The smile is even here now as I'm laughing at myself for crying from your lovely comment hahaha.  

Joy comes in the morning. 

I do have full trust in my Lord.  He knows everything, sees everything, and even knew that this would happen and I trust Him.  Perhaps I needed this lesson so that I'll be even more prepared for the future. 

$25,000 is a lot of money - but it could have been more!  I guess there is always something that could be worse.

Thank you for your strength!  and actually - you said no words reduce my feelings of loss - but.... yes.  

I'm reading all these comments and I'm focusing on my UU family and even the Uptrennd members who are coming to say they're sorry and they don't even know me - and the kindness and love absolutely is making my heart tender and comforted.

So - yes, the words are reducing the feeling of loss.

I'm sure the tears will keep coming at random times too LOL

But... the smiles will come again.  This I know :)

Thank you for your warmth Suny


Suny A
01 May

I know you will come out of this and back to business, I'm waiting for your tweet on Monday at 4 AM PST, cheers. 


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
30 Apr

its very sad news for me that you have lost your all the assets.its the hour of grief.Allah bless you and gave you courage to earn more and more.


Tiger Lily
30 Apr

Thank you for your concern.  I had stopped crying and now I'm tearing up again, as i look at the comments of love and concern for me.

Thank you for your comforting words.  I'm not going to give up on all that I had planned.  It will be more difficult now, but the Lord will provide as He always does <3

Thank you so much


Agaga Julius
30 Apr

This is a mess.... SOMEONE'S earnings... Someone's sweat... I'm in pains right now because it is not easy to save and later waste to scammers. 

This is a sad news you have just told us now... Please, ma'am...the Lord that have you those tokens, will still bring back others in folds. Remember that you are a cheerful giver. 

Do not give chance to soberness but remain strong...


Tiger Lily
30 Apr

Hi my sweet Julius.

Yes... you are feeling exactly what I'm feeling.

I will never stop being appaulled at the character of a person who thinks anything they want, they can take. Who raises children this way?  I don't know.  But - I will focus on doing what I do best.  I'm hurting a lot - but still I can feel the Tiger growling inside me, ready to continue to the next portion of my journey with fierce determination.  

If the Lord brings it back in other ways in the future, I'll be thankful.  If He chooses to withhold, I'll trust Him.  He gives and takes away - blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Love you Julius <3


Agaga Julius
01 May

I have assurance except I'm not serving a living God, that you will see what you have lost in folds. My God, our God, will make you strong and give you lots of courage to move on. 

Just ensure you remain the very tiger Lily we knew and the one who is a woman but in the making of a man (man's heart) . 

Let your gorgeous smile still remains and don't let it weight you down.


Atanda Davido
30 Apr

Oh noooooo so sorry our very dear mother, this is like seeing all the hard works going down the drain, why do people steal and cheat others while they can hustle on their own? Like you said dear mother they will eventually be caught very soon


Tiger Lily
30 Apr

I don't know if they will be caught soon - but God sees everything.

This disgusting act will not go unpunished by Him, but in the meantime, I will focus on starting over again.

This last year has been a miracle for me, and who knows what there is in store for me in the future.  I will just be faithful to continue to work hard, love others, and do what's right in spite of the evil.  

Thank you for your comforting words  - but no.... all the hard work didn't go down the drain.  The hard work has shaped me for the next part of the journey.

The money is gone - yes.  but my character is more dear than money, and that will stay with me <3







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