Is this bull market going to last?

Hello Uptrenndians 

This is a question that many of us are making right now,  but is the right question to be doing ? 


In the long run I've never thought this would be the right question for me, I'll explain you why below. 

This is a question for those that have a big Crypto position in place, because they could go broke in the blink of an eye, high volume traders, hedge fund managers and so on.

For regular, every day people like you and me,  as big your position is, it dosen't really matter,  because you are engaged with higher metrics others than price, at least in the beginning when you're holding/Staking 

Therefore you have to go back to essential metrics, such as team members, problems to be solved, and mass adoption stats, that can make a difference in real life.

So if you're a  truly believer in your project, don't worry about price,  high or low, it dosen't matter,  at the end the price isn't all that it counts. 

As always #DYOR




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Kinza Hasmhi
21 Feb

In my thinking many people doing any type of project due to money and if he /she don't receive money then he leave it

like you have example in this platform when the price is high a lot of people working in this platform and after some people remin in this platform


Rapids Network (RPD)





Rapids Network (RPD) is a community-oriented and decentralized blockchain that is focused on integrating widgets into mainstream social media platforms to facilitate the sending and receiving cryptocurrencies amongst friends, family, colleagues, B2C, B2B and B2B E-Commerce. It utilizes a two-tiered, energy efficient network that combines a Proof of Stake (PoS) 3.0 protocol, for the creation of new blocks and the security of the network, and a Masternode network to enhance the stability, provide functionalities, and community-based governance. Rapids Network's executive team is located in the US and the UK. The Rapids Network plans to support other blockchains in the future to offer social interoperability alongside scalability to existing public blockchains. Rapids Network is officially registered in the European country Estonia as a payment system. License FIU14645841.



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