Is There a Future in Payments with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Filipe Castro - Founder, Utrust UTK

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Future in Payments with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with Filipe Castro, Founder, Utrust UTK 

1:06 Cryptocurrencies are still a long way from mass adoption. Do you think payment solutions like Utrust answer to a small niche? 
2:40 What are some of their biggest concerns and how do you go about addressing and solving this? 
4:18 Why would merchants want to do this, what are the benefits of accepting crypto? 
5:15 Since you’re dealing with regular ‘fiat merchants’ what are some of regulatory issues you have faced? 
6:58 Is Utrust the Paypal of cryptocurrencies? 
8:00 Bit pay is one of your competitors how do you aim to differentiate yourself from them? 
9:56 And you do have your own token, UTK… what are the benefits of using your token , how does it work and what are some of the use cases?
11:15 Has the current market affected business in any way? And what can we expect in the next 6 months 

Filipe Castro is an entrepreneur with an early career in the development of software solutions, including media apps & electronic payment systems, moving from the corporate sector to small ventures. He had his first degree in Computer Science complemented with his MBA in Asia and had an associate role at New York's UN office. Now focusing in business and strategic partnership development, he is also a keynote speaker and advocates for the adoption of blockchain tech and crypto-assets in the world of finance, presenting in key-events, panels and think-tanks on the topics of cryptocurrencies, payments and underlying economic fundamentals of cryptoassets. 

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Ayo Kunle
04 May

It's  not a matter of is there a future. The future is now.  It's happening already. Crypto has come to stay. 


Zulqarnain Haider
04 May

Nice plateform we can earn esily


Saima Anjum
04 May

I am new here... O dnt knw about any thing but I'm learning about this community 💕💕💕


Godwin Imafidor
04 May

You are welcome on board. Read many post and learn to create quality post. Feel free to ask any question. You can private chat me if you have any difficulty in creating posts.


Anas Faisal
04 May

Future will be all about Bitcoin


George Patton
04 May

I am using bit pay for paying web services I bought from namecheap. Compare to PayPal, bitpay comes with more convenient.


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