Is the Internet a Radical Idea For Students in COVID-19?

In COVID-19, everything is badly affected, and If talk about education it is also affected in the educational platform. Students, teachers, and parents are very troubled with education because all institutes are close so how students get an education.

Government announces online education but all students do not easy to manage online education. In COVID-19, lots of issues are created and everyone is not facing it. All peoples want to perfect solution but still, we are failing in front of this disease. Students are very trouble for academic work and they also use different ways but it is good for them?

At an early age, students are involved in the internet and they are using for education purpose, exam preparation, and assignment writing help UK. So, parents and teachers do not allow them but now they are using so it is good for them? I think it is not good for the students and all people give a personal opinion about this topic.



Oscar Wilde

This disease has destroyed our education system and students are very much worried because they are not attending their institutions. Do you agree with me? Dissertation writing services.


zena bartell

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