Is Steemit Better Now?

There was a lot of drama created when Justin Sun bought @ned's Steemit stake, first it was said that the stake sold could not be sold because it was ninja mined and there was a pledge by @ned to never sell it, that Steemit would become a centralized exchange etc. Then the old whales and witnesses tried to neutralize Sun's stake with a hard fork, this he was able to shake by having the exchanges out vote the other witnesses. Then the previous owners of Steemit decided to hard fork and it was said in many places that this would be the death blow to Steemit and Steem. 

Both sides played some devious games going to the extent that people who were moving to Hive stayed behind trying to create havoc for Steemit, they were hard forked out, and their intents just stayed at that, intents. I don't think any of the parties is wrong, you do what you think is most convenient for you, so a lot went to Hive and I stayed at Steemit. Why? Because I feel Hive is just a re hatch of all the old Steemit problems mainly because it is the same people who made Steemit go wrong over the years. With Sun at least I figured I would find a different Steemit.

And you know something it is different, I feel a higher sense of community on Steemit than there has ever been, people who would cater to whales to see if they got a good sized vote every once in while are now able to garner votes with the new Steemit challenges. I read on Hive that Sun is buying activity, I don't see it that way the big upvotes are for the good articles as it should have always been. Downvotes are hardly a problem nowadays, auto votes are nearly gone so most votes are organic, the circle jerk is gone. We still have @haejin and some others who self vote a lot, but hey nothing is perfect.

All in all I feel Steemit is a better place now, it is not perfect, it has a lot of flaws but for people who can't afford to buy huge amounts of tokens to be heard things are better than they ever were.



XxX offiong
25 Jul

Good for them but I got mad love for those that love me more and dont bother about those who pretend to love.

Uptrend may you live long 


Eric Mannie
25 Jul

Good for them and nice for you,and also nice to know you followed your heart and not people to hive,I hope our uptrennd get better too after so many people have left


Ifiok Eso
26 Jul

Nice one for them, always be yourself and follow your heart. I love what you did. The future is still very bright for Uptrennd and i believe things will be great in the nearest future..


Squirrel Bait
26 Jul

I disagree. I decline payout on all my posts now on steemit due to whale downvote wars. I have been seeing the same problems we had before just with new names. The void the bad actors left, have been filled by new ones.  I did not move to hive because, yeah, all the big problems set it up and moved there. I was hoping this would improve steemit but I persoally have not seen any improvement. I post simple becasue I have the account and it's a voice. I left for over a year before, I may do that again if it get's to the point where I am embrassed to be a part of it. I have not listed my steemit account on my other platforms as a way to follow me because I don't want to harm my reputation. That's how bad steemit was and I suspect now still is. Uptrennd should learn from Steemit's mistakes.


Glenn Duran
26 Jul

Maybe so, but my experience at Steemit is much better than yours, I find it much better now than before. All the people who were moving to Hive and were still shit posting on Steemit and circle jerking and who were trying to disrupt the rewards and where the ones who were being downvoted are now gone.


Squirrel Bait
26 Jul

I don't miss them that's for sure. I just see it starting all over again. I'm glad your experience is positive now. I hope it stays that way. 


Ifeoluwa Esan
10 Aug

All you've said is true

I think the steem is great







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