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Is Patience Enough?


Normally in our lives, we have had a time when we heard people say this to us “be patient” at that point, most people reasoned this within themselves whether to be patient or not. 


    This is a short story this happened in my vicinity and if it was you what would you do?

Maggie is formally known as Margaret was married to one Mr. Elvin, they lived across the street, and from the way I witnessed it everything was rosy at the beginning, rumors had it that he was a wealthy man after he married her everything went low and bad.

     Mr. Elvin grew bitter and sad, they had to continue the struggles of life just that way, he started beating up his wife, people would hear her cry sometimes, most times when he hits her she goes downstairs to be free from the unending pain she receives from him gradually the love diminishes.

    As time went by maggie became pregnant, everywhere was filled with love and happiness, Mr. Elvin was happy and so was everyone because they feel that the marriage was better and stable when a child is arriving.

A few weeks later, Mr. Elvin just got back from work but he was very unhappy the reason for his unhappiness was unknown.

His wife knew that she had to give him lots of space and love, she did absolutely everything, she served him dinner, she was been very cautious not to offend him because she knew what would become of her if anything goes wrong at the moment. 

So, Mr. Elvin drank a little water from the glass cup and it dropped on his body leaving him wet with few tiny injuries, that's how he started beating up maggie and at those time she was 7 months pregnant, she cried and begged for help until she slipped down the stairs and fall into a coma, she was immediately rushed to the hospital and was on life support.

Mr. Elvin on the other hand still furious went to the hospital and removed the life support she was on and she collapsed and died with the baby inside of her.

People started crying and lamenting, even Mr. Elvin wasn't showing remorse at all they shifted the blame to the wife, “she would have divorced him” “she would have left the marriage” “she would have called the police”, “did she not see the signs”.

According to her friend who lives downstairs, “she wanted her marriage to be sweet and stable and she would be patient to see her husband be the lovely man he once become”.

And that's how she died, some people would condemn the man and some said that she(wife) is very stupid for still staying?

My Question is patience enough? 

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Mr.Oxman Oxi
20 Apr

No sometimes we face more depressed situation and we don't know what we have to do in this situation 🤐 there are many things and many accidents like in this story we just keep silent 😶

In this type situation patience is not enough but can't do in front of Nature 


Cesca Jove
20 Apr

Exactly it's not really enough!

The best thing is that she would have left the house maybe to her family's and stay for a while and come back or something more better than that!


Asim Abbasi
20 Apr

Everyone says "Be patient" But the only person who is suffering knows how difficult it is..

Sometimes you need to raise your voice ..


Oluwafemi Olofin
20 Apr

That's a stupid patience. How can you be patient when you know your life is at risk. She should have jumped out of the marriage when things are becoming unbearable.

It reminds me of a story of how a frog that has been living inside a pot filled with water was so relaxed bit as at the time the owner of the pot decides to put it on fire, the temperature of the water begins to be unbearable for the frog and the ftod feels like staying back inside it. 

It gets to a time that the frog couldn't bear the hotness again and as at that time, the frog was so weak and couldn't jumped out again.

We should be able to decide when situations are becoming unbearable for is and let's take every necessary action that will not cost is our lives. The wife is to be blamed.


Cesca Jove
20 Apr

Many things happen like that!

Why not give it a space and see if everything would come to normal but no! 

Rather you wait till the day he will be as he was earlier ! If things don't work out find another way.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
20 Apr

Sometimes patience reaches its limits, you can be patient, but you have to address the situation before it becomes dangerous, we must be patient but we must ask God for wisdom so that he allows us to act when patience is not enough.


Cesca Jove
20 Apr

Thank You for this genuine comment..... indeed we need to be BUT not when things are at the peak of destroying the victim.


Ayoola Adegoke
20 Apr

I will say Maggie was very stupid staying with  a man that beats her. She's dead while the husband is alive. We should be careful of how we treat our partner. They should be our priority


Cesca Jove
20 Apr

She's dead and forgotten in a twinkle of an eye.....what a waste!

Despite any situation he shouldn't have hit her at all.


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