Is it possible to make huge savings by exchanging your favorite crypto-currency in addition to making money?

The answer is YES! 

Many projects in the world of crypto-currencies are going under the radar right now, while many projects are, either copies of other popular projects with a new name and having some minor modifications or others that are only a good idea, but still only on paper, some of them are currently functional or are about to become functional very soon. 

I'm going to present two tangible projects that will allow everyone to save big on transaction fees when exchanging your crypto-currencies and potentially increase the value of your portfolio considerably. These 2 projects are currently extremely undervalued and few people are aware of their existence at the moment.

Whether you are more of the DEX or CEX type you will be impressed!

In this first article, I am going to present you a Project from the CEX universe

The first project is: Mandala Exchange (MDX)

This is a cryptomoney exchange that closely looks the Binance exchange, which makes sense that it was designed using the Binance cloud! 

You are probably wondering how an exchange that looks like binance is something incredible and well I'll tell you!

Binance cloud is a new tool offered by Binance allowing those who want to start their own exchange to instantly benefit from all the liquidity available on Binance! This is a huge advantage ! Since many exchanges have been created in the last few years so many had good ideas, they unfortunately all had one problem in common, the low number of exchangeable pairs and the lack of liquidity.

Mandala Exchange does not have this problem.

You can now exchange almost all of the pairs available on binance directly on mandala and benefit from the same liquidity (In other words, when you trade on mandala you trade with the same people who trade on binance in addition to those who use mandala).

You are still wondering why an exchange that looks like a binance and that shares the same users and liquidity is something interesting.

Well here's why and you won't believe it.

If you have understood correctly, this means that you can now exchange the pairs you are currently exchanging on binance directly on Mandala!

Here's why you should do it right now 

Mandala Exchange has its own token, the MDX Token (which is the equivalent of the BNB token).

The MDX token when you lock it on the exchange has many impressive advantages.

The first major benefit is the reduction of exchange fees. 

To have a .05% fee on binance, you must reach the VIP7 level which requires to exchange for the equivalent of 40000BTC / month.  

On Mandala exchange here is the only prerequisite  

preview not available

MDX token currently sells for $0.026 (2021-02-04)

If that was the only advantage, it would be a real bargain.

But there is much more! Here are all the advantages that the MDX token offers you.

preview not available

 It's just incredible, it's like you can go back in time and buy BNB when it came out and the BNB was much more useful.

In addition to the incredible gain in value that it will bring you only on the valuation of the token, the advantages and direct benefit of owning the MDX Token are far superior to what the BNB binance token offers.

Here's how much the NBB is worth right now: $56.69 (2021-02-04)

Here's how much the MDX token is worth right now: $0.026 (2021-02-04)

I let you do the math.

It's now fully functional via its web platform and the Android and IOS mobile application will be released in a week or two!

Here is a video presenting Mandala Exchange,

I am not the creator but I think that sums it up well : ​Mandala exchange, in video presentation​​​

Don't miss my next article which will focus this time on the DEX universe.

Another incredible project that promises nothing less than ZERO transaction fees for your SWAP!    

Part 2 is now available! Click here



Vincent Isibor
06 Feb

The mandala exchange shows a whole lot of promise for the future. Thanks for sharing.


08 Feb

Its Super Possible ...Everything is Possible... ImPossibility is Not In my dictionary


Jonathan B
05 Feb

How are they able to share in Binance's liquidity? Won't this possibly put Binance out of business? 


Maxime Thériault
06 Feb

Binance Cloud is a service now offered by Binance! Binance is taking it to the next level, it no longer wants to be a competitor to other exchanges, it is now a service provider for them, ensuring them to maintain and increase their supremacy in the years to come. This service is charged to exchanges in SaaS form, annual fees are charged in addition to a sharing of the exchange fees. They have recently added new features to their service offerings, offering perpetual futures and DeFi enterprise solutions.

I invite you to consult these links which explain in detail what Binance cloud offers and how it works.


Wasil Ahmad
04 Feb

Such an informative content.highly recommended


preview not available Dotun Awosika
20 Feb

Awesome having you here on this platform but would be greater having you go through how Uptrennd works and avoid spamming comments/posts. 



Izaz Farid
08 Feb

Nice of you man. It's postive post informitve and good nice of you man 


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