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Is HEX a scam??

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Mykos Inglewood 1 week ago

Well my thoughts are this. Perhaps not a scam but a very high risk investment. Although Richard Heart has made it clear the ethereum doesn't benefit any investor in hex or it would be classified as a security or hopes to profits, lol. Although he says that. I think there is still confusion in the language and the exposure to the point its possible he could sitll be liable for loss of money. So i don't think he's in the clear on that necessarily.

Although i will say this. The Hex platform was not a ico exactly. I say exactly because collecting ethereum feels like an ico. Originally Hex was launched as Bitcoin Hex. which you just claimed free Hex. The ethereum part was added at the end and may people promoting Hex didn't even know that. So i take issue with that. I kept up my bitcoin hex link so that people understood i was for promoting free bitcoin claims not ethereum claims. So the notice to him doing that i think was executed poorly and unfairly to people promoting. Also affiliate programs as many major brands have them aren't the problem but obviously a product you promote can be questionable as you don't know what the business or platform itself may be doing. So it was added to the site that ethereum was added to be taken for hex. I wasn't aware to late and i'm finding out now many others weren't.

Now here's the problem with calling it a scam. First of all the Hex Project was delivered fully functional and as i understand it under very expensive audits as well as development. The code is reviewable and its been verified through coders that the mechanics of the system aren't easy to code. So then the question becomes who paid for these things and was the product delivered as promised.

I'd say yes how Richard Heart explained it seems to work in that manner. If a person develops a product and system do they deserve to be paid for it. Yes i believe so. We're not in control of that ethereum nor should we feel it is ours. It is not an investment that hex stakers benefit from nor was it ever promised to them or presented in the form of a ico to do any development or any marketing. So i think in that way anyone feeling its a scam are using the world loosely and are confusing it with investor held interest.

The only thing investors get is the staking system which i do feel is quite effective to certain degrees. It lets you know when every stake becomes available and this data could be used as a better market indicator to protect against loss than other store of value projects or coins. As we don't know this information. Large stakeholders can dump on our heads at anytime. So the real question is does Richard Heart deserve the money. Yes and No.. maybe we overpaid..However its a difference in overpaying for a project that is clear in the language what it is.. and outright deceptive nature promotion. Now some would say the website itself does that. That's possible it does to a degree. However Richard Heart is saying he's talking about hex which he can deliver at whatever return because his system has a surplus of hex to provide.

I guess in a situation like that the real question is the network and the product does it equal out to the value of the money that went in? I don't know alot of hype and i really couldn't determine that personally until the staking periods were over. However i don't think the ethereum matters at all. The ethereum is not even designed into hex to be anything for hex. Hex is a staking mechanism that is unique from others and does just that. I suppose Ethereum is Richard Heart's payment for designing. Those are my thoughts however as far as price and hype seems to be goign down first week. Probably not the best way to run a scam lol.. A real scammer would probably take the ethereum and pump up the price lol. However Richard Heart claims none of that ethereum will be used to pump price or promote hex to benfit hex stakers in any way. In that way if that is true. He's keeping true to the idea that the ethereum has nothing to do with the project.

So if you believe that Richard Heart shouldn't be able to use that ethereum or whoever it is using it. The hundreds of thousands of dollars he spent designing this system. The developers he paid. The marketing he did and talks. If you believe then $7 million in ethereum is too much. Then what would be your number? How much should he make? Nothing? Some projects get paid and funded before they even design anything. Eos did that.. So if Eos built their system first. Would it make a difference if they asked for the money before or after?

Lucas S 1 week ago

So many people were shilling HEX without even understanding how it was going to operate, just because of the hype. $7 million in withdraws doesn't look good at all.

Crypto Gangz 1 week ago

Man I hate to say the word scam.  But I don't trust Hex. So in my opinion, I believe it is very possible it is a scam.  Also keep into consideration Mr. Heart claims he doesn't know who owns the wallet.  So you tell me Scam or nay?

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

i feel the same way tbh mate, looks very very fishy to me and sounds well too good to be true and now this has happened just makes me think it even more lol

tradecryptolive .net 1 week ago

you have been $hexed - the guy behind this is a total con man - anyone falling for this crap just wants to believe a bunch of crap too bad 

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

haha that will be the new saying! Dont get Hexed!!

Douglas Kuhn 1 week ago

Bottom line is the HEX is centralized through Mr. Heart.   Not sure if it is a scam or not, that is a loaded word, but I will say there are better crypto options.  

My gut says nay, stay away.

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

Indeed stay away far away as possible lol


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