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Muhammad Hasnain 2 months ago

Yes, this is a biological war between China and the United States that the US has spread and China has jumped it to a great extent.

And this Corona epidemic has engulfed the entire world and the whole world is worried about it and is looking for a solution.

Millions of people have been victimized by the outbreak in hospitals

Mohammad Kamil 2 months ago

Hundreds of people dying daily due to this pandemic

M Jay 2 months ago

Everyday new talks about this virus created by china keeps showing up ,am starting to believe it was really created by them

Tayyab Ali 2 months ago

According to my knowledge this is the bio weapon developed by USA . They want to destroy the economy of china but ad you know China is well established country. 

The people of China take it as a serious not a joke they control it through social distances.  They send their doctors in India and Pak to guide them . In the Punjab Faisalabad 50 %people didn't wear the mask and they move with families here and there....

People of India and Pak are not much educated they have hope believe that Corona can't kill them .

I think hope is one of the best weapon against Corona virus...

Lil Dek 1 month ago

I have heard similar stories too. Even the other way round.

Deadly Wolf 1 month ago

i agree bro .. and what about israel !

Asafem Concept 2 months ago

I've read on various platform that china intentionally planned the virus to shut down other countries economy, particularly America because they know they can't win by war but by affecting their economy.

Why would China do such thing and put the whole world in such a mess.

Hafsa M 2 months ago

maybe because of greed, now they are earning a good amount of money by selling medicines and other stuffs...

Karim shiro 2 months ago

on war china can win against any one  including russia and USA

Jarau Moses 2 months ago

As a person who likes conspiracy theories, I do agree with your argument hehe.

There are also theories saying that this virus is used to cover-up something happening behind the scenes....

I am shocked about that number in India and this makes me think deeper again hehe!!







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