IRISnet’s DeFi and interchain Testnet Bifrost will launch on Sep 2

IRISnet’s DeFi and interchain Bifrost Testnet will launch on September 2nd, and it will test the unique new DeFi features of IRISnet, the integration with the new version of Cosmos SDK and also the multi-Hub collaboration through the IBC protocol.

In order to support the Cosmos Network’s interchain vision, IRISnet will launch the Bifrost Testnet for bringing IBC and also DeFi features. Bifrost Testnet is planned to start on September 2nd, one week after Stargate Testnet, running side by side with Stargate’s one.

The Bifrost testnet is mainly intended to test:

New DeFi Features of IRISnet

The next version of IRIS Hub (v1.0) will include some unique new DeFi features:

  • NFT, Record and other new modules

  • Upgraded and enhanced iService

  • Oracle function (based on the upgraded iService)

  • Random function (based on the upgraded iService)

These new features will be tested in Bifrost together with the community in the form of incentivized tests.

Cosmos SDK

Bifrost Testnet will use the same version of Cosmos SDK with Cosmos Stargate, hence Bifrost will come with the same significant changes as Stargate, especially:

  • Migrate on-chain data encoding to Protobuf

  • Bring Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)

  • Bring upgrade automation

These changes will bring new function extensions and performance improvements. Also, IRISnet may make some modifications in terms of IBC and upgrade modules that can adapt to the governance requirements of IRIS Hub. All these functions will be fully tested in Bifrost Testnet before being put into production.

Other Testing Content

The existing functions on IRIS Hub, such as Coinswap and other use cases combined with IBC interchain token transfer, will be tested and verified in Bifrost Testnet.

Bifrost will start with IRIS Hub v1.0-alpha version. After that, IRISnet will launch v1.0-rc (release candidate) versions for the different problems found during testing and also restart Bifrost several times to fix problems.

The ways to upgrade testnet will include:

  • Simulate restarted upgrade by exporting the mainnet status at least once

  • Simulate self-evolutionary smooth upgrade by using the upgrade module at least once

The specific tasks and participation rules will be updated before the launch of testnet.

At the same time, IRISnet also intends to simultaneously organize some activities such as Bug Bounty and Hackathon when Bifrost starts to run the first v1.0-rc version, please stay tuned and welcome to participate in.

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