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IPX — The Grand Finale Of 2019 — Listing and Performance

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Lucas S 1 month ago

The Tachyon Protocol sounds like it has the potential to be a game changer for sure. The IPX token associated with is is one to watch. 

Abhijoy Sarkar 1 month ago

Tachyon does seem interesting given its backers have a history is deploying battle-tested software. There are a few other projects working on the internet stack as well. Great space to watch out for in the next few years.

Busola Akinlolu 1 month ago

IPX token is a bomb, looks like a really good one :)

Abhijoy Sarkar 1 month ago

They had launched a limited time pre-mining for the first set of nodes recently. Would have shared the link. But I think it is closed now.

Hafsa Mansoor 1 month ago

thanks for giving details of IPX token...

Abhijoy Sarkar 1 month ago

Have been reading up on this project recently. Thought this would be an opportune moment to share on it since they got listed for the first time. Thanks for reading through it Hafsa.

Andy Freese 1 month ago

Great information contained in here.  Thank you for the update.

Abhijoy Sarkar 1 month ago

Thanks Andy! The project's founder Sunny King is kind of a cult hero in crypto. Check out his first "public" appearance on CMC's The Capital event: https://u.today/press-releases/tachyon-protocol-is-officially-introduced-at-the-capital-2019-by-coinmarketcap 

Valeria Gil 1 month ago

Excellent publication, great information continues to create this type of informative content that motivates people to use these exchanges.


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