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25 May
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IOST DAPP Writing Contest

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Abiodun Adeosun 1 month ago

Great contest, but I feel some of the decisions making might be flawed. 

Especially the decisions on the most voted piece enter the next round. It's natural for people with high followers to enter this round much more quickly without even having to write a quality post about it.

My recommended solution is that the team sets up a panel of judges who will go through all the posts been entered and determine the most quality of them all and take them to the next round.. 

I hope my point is been understood?.

dee smy 1 month ago

Another bigger problem, is the fact people are talking about dead d'apps. Come people if you are going to enter atleast write about active d'apps.

Oxygen O2 1 month ago

You don't have to criticize any entry man either they write on dead or alive DAPP, this is a contest. The instruction was simple and clear, just write on any DAPP that run on the network.

dee smy 1 month ago

Wrong!!! As an iost holder, I don't want people to invest in dead or dying dapps. It will harm the network. There is enought shit wrote on uptrennd, by people who are here just to mine. Quality content for a quality network.

Abiodun Adeosun 1 month ago

Lols.  But you drop an entry already 

dee smy 1 month ago

Yes, the d'app I wrote about is one of the most active atm, highlighting dead or dying dapps isn't good for the iost network. It just highlights the fact people are just using goggle and don't do real research on the dapps, just regurgitating what goggle is saying/old press releases. This has no value to the iost network.

Paulos Kolias 1 month ago

It is very interesting content

Rith Fet 1 month ago

Good work Awesome team

Yaman Kartal 1 month ago

Good luck to all participants :)

Frank Garbitz 1 month ago

A good article is a winner

Abdo Mihfad 1 month ago

Quality content is available, very good. Beautiful author !!! Well done, good luck

Vanildo Rodrigues 1 month ago

I love IOST games. Great article and coverage. Very clear and easy to understand

Borges Vasilev 1 month ago

This information is very necessary, thanks!

Courtney szxrdcftvgy 1 month ago

I am a fan of IOSTWIN!
This information is very necessary, thanks! Thanks just what I was looking for - keep em good :)

Dtwo Oladimeji 1 month ago

This is amazing and I must commend the Uptrennd and IOST team for coming up with this great initiative to reward the community (best writers). However, I will like to point out somethings concerning the selection of the winners.

I really don't think the best way to judge a contest is by conducting a poll. Doing that will never give credit to the best article but to the person with more followers.

I'm sure the aim of the contest is to reward quality and not quantity.

I'm also sure Uptrennd is more concerned about quality than quantity.

I think the best way to judge a contest like this is to select a panel of judges, let them review all the entries and select the best.

I believe this is the only way the best article can win.

Pls kindly look into this. Thanks!

Abiodun Adeosun 1 month ago

Baba Dtwo, how far, aw u day NA.. Unjust day enjoy.. How everything, it's been a while 

Dtwo Oladimeji 1 month ago

I dey Lebey. It's been a while. How have you been bro? I'm glad you are here on Uptrennd finally 







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