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06 May
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Introducing Uptrennd Citizenship

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Ivan KR 4 weeks ago

YEAH! Finally, those who are commenting under posts with the sole purpose of earning something, instead of contributing to the conversation won't have the incentive they had to do so. I'm sure that the huge part of them will even stop commenting pointlessly, and will start putting effort in everything they are doing here!


Hope Avwerosuo 4 weeks ago

Of course Ivan, when they realise that  some changes had occur, I think the spamming game (I call it lazy commenting) will be greatly reduced. 

Elizabeth V 3 weeks ago

Not just lazy commenting but also lazy reading. They don't even bother reading the whole post before commenting. So when they comment, they don't make sense at all. 

Jan Bouda 4 weeks ago

That reminds me the other app where we are happy when receiving like of the members who stake biggest amount of the coins.

ijatz La Hojita 3 weeks ago

Heellooo @Jan! How are you faring? :-)

From what I've read in @Jeff's post, it seems to be a more mature and balanced set of rules than on Steemit and HIVE (if I've correctly identified the "other app" ;-) ).

Probably like the one of many Uptrenndians, my experience on Steemit was frankly frustrating: after months of daily engagement (including through an array of associated Discord Community channels), I still was sure to collect at most around $3 per post - and the average time I dedicate to writing an article is much higher than one hour, haha. Till this very day, my visibility on that " social network" is close to zero.

As you've seen yourself, on Uptrennd any form of engagement brings almost immediate results - both in terms of visibility and tokens. And I mean: ANY form, including... spamming and/or writing pointless comments. I feel that Uptrennd's vulnerability till now has been the exact opposite of Steemit's one: here it's too feasible, too quickly, to gain space, even without taking at all seriously the platform's pledge and fundamental principles.

That citizenship mechanism gives me the impression it offers us a "third way" between both extremes.

Senor Blindsky 3 weeks ago

An app that shall not be named? The voldermort of uptrennd?

I may have a clue but realy am not sure what you are talking about.

Ivan KR 3 weeks ago

Than you should read the post again and do the math, Jan. It has nothing to do with the other app, it's totally different. 😉

Jan Bouda  3 weeks ago

I agree with you. You are 100% right.

Faheem Munir 3 weeks ago

Wish to become citizen of uptrennd

Busola Akinlolu 4 weeks ago

I love the idea, and am sure this will help reduce the rate of gaming the system also help lessen if not entirely eradicate it. 

It will also help solve the issue we have with comment spammers, they are mostly people below level 20. makes our work easier, makes the deserving post get more attention, and makes uptrennd generally beautiful. I'll say this is a very good one moving forward.

Senor Blindsky 3 weeks ago

For any spammer to make it to level 20 will be very taxing. Its a huge amount they will have to vest to gamify their ways.

I think its the right move. Having a small amount of good actors in form of citizens will also allow proper surviellance of their behaviour to make sure abuse isnt happening from above.

I have started curating posts. Hopefully the other citizens will take part in making good content visible.

Tosyne2much Adekola 4 weeks ago

This is going to bring about a lot changes to the reward system and to combat Spammers. 

People also need to buy 1UP for the price to move up, and this kind of implementation will help in that aspect 

The higher your level the higher your influence both in upvote and downvote. Kudos Jeff✌️

Selfmade Udemba 4 weeks ago

I believe this will also make people see the needs to level up also Cos of the effect higher levels stand to have in upvotes, like level 20.

Also in the process of trying to level up, they help increase the price of 1Up Cos some percentage of the tokens used to level up are burnt. 

kunmi Lana 4 weeks ago

No matter how many times I read this,I still see this as centralization of power.

Even generally,the higher level members receive more attention to their post when compared to a lower level member,you can check the popular post and  see what I'm talking about.So you see a level 3 member go all the way to read and get quality information about a topic and you see 100views ,9upvotes and 9 comments fine ,and then you see a level 50 member just writing about how he reached level 50 in two months or just one dumb poem that has no experience at all get 300 upvotes and almost 500 comments..That one it own is the most discouraging shit ever.

So you find an excuse and say maybe that's how the platform works ,I will get there one day  and then you keep working and on your way working on reaching a higher level ,the adminis starts bringing different things ;they first begin with the halvening,in that they said they will decrease the 1up per upvote 50%,okay fine at least they gave us a reason for that and its not really pleasant but it make sense,,and so we are already preparing our mind for that and now they are thinking centralizing the uptrend power to the higher level members again.

So tell me where do you leave the new members,or don't you want the young to grow at all?when I was registering uptrend they said gives the opportunity for your voice to be heard,no what i'm seeing is give the higher level members only the opportunity to be heard.Even the law says there is equity of the law. They are in higher levels don't mean they have more sense than people in the lower level ,they only joined the platform earlier .

And concerning low quality comments spam.No doubt there are spams...But,one of the reasons why we are here is to learn from others and then someone post something you know absolutely nothing about,and I have nothing to add to it,I do not see anything bad in saying " thanks" or someone share a very beautiful photo taken by him ,I don't see anything wrong in saying "beautiful picture or nice"and if it's something I know about I will add my own quota.No man is an highland of knowledge ,we are here to learn and also have fun while at it and also grow, nobody wants to remain in the same spot after a long time,speaking for my self though.

How many times do a level 20 member upvote your post ?so I have to wait and pray for a level 20 member to be online before I post ,just like saying other members are dummies only level 20 members have sense.

This new development isn't nice at all .

Long live uptrend.

Kris JS 3 weeks ago

This isn't a case of higher level members getting more attention because they are higher level. People of higher levels have been on the platform alot longer and have built up followers, friendships and interaction with others through a lot of hard work and dedication, everyone who is on level 20 was once on level 1 and started from the bottom. This can be achieved by everyone who uses Uptrennd, someone who has been using the platform for 1 month cant expect the same level engagement as those on level 20, this is natural and not favouritism. We all have put the effort in if we want the rewards. 

kunmi Lana 3 weeks ago

If you read my comment very well dear you would know am not concerned about the level of engagement they get but the centralization of power..

Hillary Powers 3 weeks ago

I also see the sense in your comments. Really, this step may actually be nothing other than sheer centralisation of power. I do not support it at all.

ole mental 3 weeks ago

I agree with you, we haven't truly come to the point of understanding the real meaning of decentralization. 

We don't need no citizenship for any sh*it ***

I cudnt belive it In the first place, I thought it was a good idea 💡 but not not. 

Go check my profile and if you can see when I first created the account.  Not now, I know I've been away for a while and wasn't engaging here but  I went away because it wasn't any fun here, I was here when the total members of this platform was less than 100,  yet my account seems like a new Comer, 

You will end up posting and no one will even up vote your work done, just because they look at your profile and see level 1 and think you don't deserve their vote. It sucks, I realized  wasting my time here without getting anything or as little as 10 (1up) then I'd rather buy it on exchange and keep it. Period. 

Yidao Li 2 weeks ago

YES. I agree with you absolutely.It is just centralisation of power,For decentralise communities everyone should have the same "upvote" right,Although some people spend much time on uptrennd,but also they get more 1UP tokens than others.Like in life,everyone should have the same vote right,You can not say just he or she is a famous person,because he or she is great social contribution ,So he or she get more wealth for sure,but we can not think his or her one vote is equal to 20 people's votes?Decentralise OR Centralise ?

Godwin Imafidor 1 day ago

Valid points you have made. This was why I was gainst it when opinion were sorted. I think we just have to wait and see how it goes.

Esma Sid 4 weeks ago

Ah, Jeff you sorted it out. Well i have few suggestions please, because content creators who put in lots of efforts are being neglected these days. I am so worrying about this. The high quality and authentic content should be curated and implemented with much support so that i coming days, people know how much quality Uptrennd requires. 

Secondly low quality content should be curated so that it should not be supported due to its poor quality. As it effects the quality of uptrennd. 

I don't come up much with questions but this time i would say this is getting so important because uptrennd is a content creating platform. 

Lastly, you and the team always come up asking uptrennd members to suggest things. I love the way you people are holding uptrennd.☺👍👌 


Jeff Kirdeikis 4 weeks ago

Rather than a central entity or group of people curating, we feel altering the system so that quality content gets seen more, in a community governed system is the answer. We feel this will achieve that :) Low quality will not get nearly the same amount as visibility, nor value given.

Noble 🔘 4 weeks ago

Hello Jeff. I think you didn't explain the multiplier to meet clarity. I hope there is room for questions.

Giving Power X Earning Power = Upvote Score

1)A level 1 member (0.05 strength) upvotes a level 1 member (1X earning multiplier). In this case the upvote would be worth 0.05
2) A Level 20 member (1 strength) upvotes a level 21 member (3X multiplier). The upvote strength would be worth 3.
3) A level 16 member (0.8 strength) upvotes a level 21 member (3X multiplier). The upvote strength is 2.4.

I understood the calculations but..

It shows Level 1 = 1X multiplier

Level 21 = 3X multiplier

Level 2 =? multiplier

Level 5 = ? multiplier

Level 6 = ? multiplier

My question is, How are the multipliers assigned? 

Kris JS  3 weeks ago

Each level you go up, your multiplier goes up by 0.1 so level 1 is 1, level 2 is 1.1, level 3 is 1.2 etc etc 







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