Introducing to Uptrennd: My Horse.

Hey Uptrenndians,

Now we have an animal community it is finally time to introduce my horse. She is my big love, and can't wait to tell about her.

Her father-line is a pure Russian Trakehner breed with a quality bloodline with many excellence certificates for both the males and females (called 'ELITE' titles) going back many generations. Her father was an international Grand Prix showjumper, and in his lineage are several golden and silver Olympic Medals.
Her mother-line also carries some Russian Trakehner blood together with English Thoroughbred. The father of her mother also was an international showjumper competing in the highest Grand Prix category, as well as his father. Her father is known for having jumped a wall of 2.15m. Imagine how high that is! Maybe they were kangaroos in their previous life?

Her color is Seasonal (Dark) Palomino. This means each season her coat color changes. The tail and manes will always be white, (if I wash them...) but depending on the season she can be Gold (spring), Dark chestnut (summer), Orange Chestnut (autumn) and... Beige (winter). It is possible to test the genetic color of a horse by sending a few hairs from the manes or tail to a special laboratory. Have done that, and turns out she carries 1x Chestnut, 1x Creme and 1x Agouti gene. This makes her an official genetically verified Palomino. Important to know, since there are other horse coats mimicking this color, but officially are not, and therefore cannot be described as Palomino. This makes her interesting for breeding as well, since her offspring will have a 50% chance to also be a (genetic) Palomino.
She has a special shade to her coat which is (very) uncommon for large horses to have, but genetic testing is not yet advanced enough to identify the genes that cause these seasonal changes and the brown-to-orange glow she gets in summer & autumn.

In June 2020 she will be 4 years old, which is similar to a late teenager/young adult if you would compare with human age ranges.

Last but not least, her size! If you take the highest point of her shoulder (they call withers) it is 1.67m. But since she is young she will grow taller. So measure how high is 1.70m, and then you have the expected highest point of only her shoulder, her head will be way above that. My little girl became a big horse.

As of now, she and her full-sister are the only palomino mares (size 'horse') in the world with a triple Grand Prix showjumping lineage.
You cannot imagine how proud I am of her and how she enriches my life. She is overly smart (not always convenient for us humans, lol), can open doors and locks, and always manages to surprise us with her interesting (and sometimes wild) non-horse like behavior and attitude. She is a challenge! But I like that. She is who she is.

Enough talking! Let's see how she developed over the years.

Few weeks old foal.
(Beige coat)

10 months old.
Pretending to be a wild dangerous stallion.
(see coat color difference with previous photo)

1,5 years.
Deciding that trees are like lollipops.
The light dots you see on her back is the new coat color coming through.
That always happens by small dots getting bigger and bigger until the entire coat has a new color.

Here you can see how she appears marbled, the small dots from previous photo get bigger and bigger,
and give above result until she is fully beige. And then in spring season,
its the inverse and the darker spots become larger until she is fully orange/brownish again.
This cycle repeats itself every year!

Almost 3 years.

And a new milestone!
Almost 4 years.
In the past 3,5 weeks she learned to carry a rider.
This process takes a long time, but she is doing great.

Hope you liked to see how she developed from young foal to almost adult horse.
Any horse lovers out here?



preview not available Jameson C
11 Mar

@jansen she's GORGEOUS! I can see why you're so proud of her. Give her a carrot from me, pretty please 😍😍



preview not available Jansen Admin
12 Mar

She has a big carrot obsession! Am sure she will be super pleased to get one more from you.

Since she is such a fast eater, I used to hang the carrots on smalls rope from the ceiling (in her stable). Then it becomes more difficult to eat them because they move around when she tries to bite. But then she discovered she can slide her head sideways under the carrot, then lift the carrot upwards while it lays still on the side of her head, and move back, so it slides in her mouth and she can eat it. No more fun now, haha. Need to think of something else.



preview not available St3v3 T88888
11 Mar

Awesome horses they look beautiful , cant wait to see more of your posts



preview not available Jansen Admin
12 Mar

Have so many photos and videos of her, I need a bigger Dropbox drive! I would spam her all over the place! Uptrennd will become a horse platform. ;-)



Lemmonn Gammes
11 Mar

This is an excellent written post about your horse, thanks for all the details you have provided. 



preview not available Jansen Admin
12 Mar

Thanks! I was a little in doubt what to write, since there will be members with a lot of horse knowledge, and members that only know about their existence. So thought to put in some general facts, like that you can test the genetic color of a horse by sending some hairs from their manes. You can also do that for dogs and I guess cats. Then when you want to breed with them, you can predict the color of the offspring.
As well mentioning horses can open doors and locks. They are much more smart than they appear.



Mieke de Vries Conçalves
10 Aug

Was very insightful. Thanks. Love your horse.



BOI Income Blog
10 Mar

Wow! I would never guess you're a horseman! It's a feast for my eyes! Does she have a name? 



preview not available Jansen Admin
10 Mar

Thanks for the compliment, she is indeed a beauty. Her name is Parisa. 


Imo Clement Ekuma
10 Mar

my love for horses, wish i can get one.

you got a very lovely horse.








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