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A truly decentralized payment platform will allow users to send and receive payments without a trusted third party. However, an intermediary is needed to manage transactions and prevent double spending. Blockchain and the use of digital signatures (Encryption) are only part of the solution, the decentralization of network nodes is very important to ensure long-term security for the network. In both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) blocks, the longest chain is always followed. In the Proof of Work environment, this system is flawed because it depends on computing power. This means that if enough miners and equipment collude, they can easily overwhelm the network. We recommend Proof of Stake as a better alternative, not deciding on the longest chain based on the hash power, instead, the wallet balance and the maturity date of the money used to determine the home next production. Unlike the majority of Proof of Stake Blockchains, our manufacturers are larger and more decentralized through their automated coin distribution program and the accessibility of their automated desktop wallets. I


Credit is a Crytpocurrency that aims to become a decentralized digital payment solution for the world's unrestricted adult population, estimated to be worth $ 50,000,000,000,000,000 (Fifty trillion). dollars). Terra has designed Credit (CREDIT) to provide fast and free Blockchain-based payments. The Proof of Stake usage credit allows any user to become a block producer. Block producers support the network and are rewarded with new coins for doing so, this function replaces the costly and complex traditional mining. Desktop Credit Wallet automatically "Puts" a user's balance of coins that allows them to become block producers and earn rewards for maintaining the Block of Credit chains. This creates a legal and passive source of income without expensive equipment and technical knowledge. Credit wallets are simple to use and get things done automatically, all you need is a computer or laptop. To get started, make sure your PC is connected to the internet with a balance of 10,000 coins, check that your wallet is 100% synced and unlocked to place a bet and the rest will happen automatically. .

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