Introducing the ARCS platform - The bank stores user information

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Hello all the community. I am new to blockchain. It is great that the rest of my life will know about cryptocurrencies, this is very advanced technology and it is likely that in the future it will help us to have secret weapons to go further. In this introduction, I will show you a project that I have researched thoroughly before proposing solutions to expand the scale of ARCS in the future, this is a project that is a lot of investors. trust and support.

What is ARCS (ARX)?

ARCS is a token in the AIre project ecosystem. ARCS denoted as ARX is used to reward users in the ecosystem. This ecosystem is focused on a data bank. This bank will contain user data and provide it to 3rd parties. 3rd parties will pay to get data to serve their activities. Finally, data providers will receive ARX tokens as a reward

ARX tokens act as a fuel source to accelerate this ecosystem development. IFA will pay with ARCS to get information. When there is a lot of data, companies will keep an eye on it. To buy data, they have to pay with ARCS. At this point, companies are required to use fiat to buy ARX at exchanges. Then use this token to buy information. Companies can also provide services to users to receive rewards. These services will likely meet the needs of users. Users are willing to use the ARCS to use this service.

What is the AIre project?

Overview of the project

AIre is a project of IFA. The goal is to become a new generation bank. A data bank. AIre they will collect user data by incentive with ARCS token. More precisely, a business makes money from data. They will take charge from ARX transactions through the data bank.

ALRE is an ecosystem focused on data banks and their users. It provides functionality to data banks so they can operate efficiently and transact with businesses and individuals. This section covers AIre, its functions and business model. It also includes a description of measures to prevent data tampering through the use of block chain technology and interconnected data bank centers.

Other benefits of the Alre Platform

1. Easy access to P2P loans and investments

2. Provide a new credit standard

3. Deploying Decentralized Digital Identification (DID) to their blockchain so that users can assign attributes to their digital identities

4. The wallet availability for ARCS (the platform's native token), payment tokens, and linked services allow platform users to trade with tokens and use them for other purposes

5. Alre also has tokenization plans for assets including art, real estate, and security that can be exchanged in real time on the platform.

ARCS is one of the results of the development of blockchain technology that has undergone good performance and great ideas based on a system that directly opens up opportunities for investors to be more open to investments that bring symbolic. ARCS is the most complete investment ecosystem operating on the Block. As one of the first platform foundations, the company wants to recognize and help investors worry more about the economic weakness that many people in the world are in the concept of supporting each other. as an investment can be exchanged by registered users of this blockchain. Some important points of the ARCS Platform This will be the moment that most registered investors or potential investors start trading on this platform will do business.

Token details:

Issuing organization: IFA Co., Ltd.

  Token name: ARCS

  Token symbol: ARX

  Total problems: 20,000,000 (20 billion)

  Decimal position: 18

  Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

  Token standard: ERC20

  Contract address: 0x20b1a8a9ca1c7302b7f774266c491c7b11622779


Hopefully the article will bring all the knowledge about the AIre project and understand the ARCS token (ARX). Also people can find out about other projects on my profile. Thank you


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