Introducing OroPocket

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is changing financial world, people are finding out the opportunities embedded in DeFi and many are embracing it. 

The concept behind DeFi is to take out the central authority and give more owners more control over their finances. These means money can no longer be lost due inflation, government policies will have little or no effect, the way money is spent will be more transparent among others. 

OroPocket was created to be a link between DeFi and finance. Oropocket is an asset-backed banking, which means users can convert money into assets. Investing in assets is very easy with oropocket. 

The assets available on OroPocket are 100% insured, backed by physical assets, and audited every day by third parties. Which shows its transparency.

Examples of assets available to be invested on oropocket are : Gold & Silver, Equity Stocks, ESOPs & Safes, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Premium real estate, Art, Energy & Oil etc 

Using oropocket is to attain financial independence through exposure to assets. Assets holders are also opportune to take instant loan, also to reward users by farming tokens. 

Get the benefits of OroPocket now, available on Google play:

[Download OroPocket app on Google play](

Learn more about oropocket:

[Website]( || [Twitter](

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Chidiebere Nze
27 Nov

Making international transfers has never been easier. Send Gold or Silver to anyone across the globe within seconds without the hefty fees.


Iyanuoluwa Heeyahnuh
27 Nov

Things are actually becoming easier, only for people to take advantage. 


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