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In 2020, the Blockchain market has made great progress compared to 2019. There have been many successful companies promoting and introducing projects around the world, one of which is game projects. online CYCLOPS FINANCE is trusted and used by many users. Let me go into the details of this game .

Provide a very sophisticated and memorable gaming experience where gambling is not the only important factor. The game focuses on a highly entertaining and engaging gameplay, with stunning graphics, smooth animations, satisfying sound effects and intuitive navigation. Players can customize the look of their character, as well as purchase character upgrade items with CYTR tokens. The game network performs a number of functions that will encourage and encourage players to keep and use more of the CTYR tokens. 

CTYR token is set to disrupt the online gambling industry by creating decentralized games, CTYR will be the currency in-game circulation in the form of item purchases or resell for manufacturers. . When players join the game will have to deposit CTYR tokens into their wallet, the CTYR will be used to place bets on top-of-the-line matches, the more you win, the more chance you have of participating. A new bonus program is the Lottery. Has a very high chance of winning many games. 

So what is the Cyclops Game? 

Cyclops Game also known as Cyclops Finance, it is a Hybrid DeFi project focused on developing highly customizable blockchain solutions for gaming.
Our technologies combine the concept of DeFi profitable farming and asset identity representation through NFT to develop a hybrid decentralized gaming platform.
Our Hybrid decentralized games platform allows decentralized games to be developed on the blockchain with ease but not only that, it also serves as a layer 2 bridge to casual games, making those games and / or platforms cross-bred and interoperable with the blockchain. With this, casual games should be able to easily navigate and become semi-decentralized.

1. Cyclops Treasure (CYTR)
CYTR is the Platform’s Administration token. Holders of this token are of the type, Shareholders in the Cyclops Game, they get a share of the entire Cyclops Game earnings.

2. Currency Cyclops (CYCR)
CYCR is the platform’s reward token. Owners of this token can bet this token and claim the reward. Under the CYTR’s stewardship, CYCR will be implemented in the zoning of other DeFi projects and other facilities will also be developed around CYCR.

Cyclops game platform works on its CYTR native token with a total supply of 1000 CYTR, currently CYTR token is currently traded on Uniswap and Hotbit exchanges for up to $ 220 at By the time this article is released, the value of the token will depend on the market. With such advantages, I think this will be the leading project in the blockchain game field in the near future. Hopefully the project will be the flagship in the Blockchain Game field in the near future.
So on this article I have introduced to you an overview of this special project, hope you will have useful information about this project. If you have any questions please feel free to comment. below I will answer. Thank you for watching the article.

1. Optimus Chain
Currently, the game Cyclops is building its technologies on the Ethereum blockchain. We are also leveraging NULS / NerveNetwork technologies to achieve cross-chain interoperability.
In the future, Cyclops Game will have its own chain, a combination of DAG and conventional blockchain. This will allow decentralized games and game platforms to run entirely on the blockchain and will also incorporate bridging technologies to allow conventional platforms to come together.

2. Asset Staking
Betting is an important feature provided by Cyclops Game, although it’s not a major feature, but it is a feature on which other features depend. It serves as a complementary mechanism for their functionality of those features.
For example, Block of Fame uses a Staking-Voting mechanism to rank celebrities on the Block of Fame table. A celebrity’s rating is equivalent to the amount of cryptocurrency locked in a single celebrity’s digital emblem.
Tournament also uses asset provisioning mechanism to manage the provision of assets. The assets locked up in the stakes are digitally supplied to game players. The functions of both the Fame Block and Tournament will be discussed later. Primarily, wagering rewards are paid out in CYCR, the cyclops reward token.

3. Hephaestus workshop
Hephaestus Workshop is an all-in-one marketplace and Cyclops Game NFT and NFT game content factory.
The current version allows users to have access to Treasure Island’s game assets and invest in them. Users are free to trade these non-speculative assets, they are not speculative because their value is tied to the demand-price curve, so the price increases with each asset purchased.In the near future, a v2 version will be released. This release will combine the activities of Marketplace and Factory. With these functions, users will be able to leverage CYTR (our admin token) to create and deploy their own custom asset (Factory) in easy steps. They alsowill be able to set up your own small kiosks and trade these assets.

4. The Tournament
The Cyclops Game will host the first blockchain Game Tournament of its kind, to be held in 2021. This event will be open to the rest of the globe and not just for crypto-savvy individuals. death. Players will come together mostly to compete for a bargain price.
Some game properties to be used in the tournament are already available in Hephaestus’s workshop.
The Cyclops game will host the Tournament on their “Tournament” game platform. The platform will roll out for the event and will remain open to all after that. Individuals will be able to create custom contests on the platform, set the rules of the contest and invite players to participate.
For example: a user can create a contest of 10 players on the platform, set the entry fee of 100 dollars or even 1ETH or whatever and say that the winner will win all the contests. . Once such a contest is created, interested players can participate and they will start when the required number of players is reached.As the Tournament will be the first event to be held (Opening Event), the Registration and Information page will be available soon.
Details will be released as the project continues to establish infrastructure for the Tournament.

5. Block of Fame
As a much-needed add-on, Cyclops Game invented the first “Block of Fame” backed-up value for blockchain inventors and influencers. Block of Fame feature uses stock voting mechanism that allows users to vote for blockchain inventors they consider to be most famous based on what inventors have contributed to the advancement of blockchain technology. .
To prevent bias voting, the voting mechanism uses a scheme to encourage balanced voting.

6. Treasure Island
This is really where the journey begins. The game Cyclops was for the first time considered the basis for a single game, the game “Treasure Cyclops”.
After assessing the positive impact bridging technologies will have on the adoption rate of decentralized game solutions, the team decided to restructure Cyclops Game to serve the broader range.
Treasure Island is one of the pre-built games that will come out on the platform, this is an adventure game where players battle their way through various obstacles and enemies to the ultimate Find long-lost treasures.
The treasures are the actual rewards the player requires after completing certain levels. These treasures can be converted to CYTR or ETH upon redemption.

CYCLOPS FINANCE has made a significant impact on the path of exploring a new industry. They dare to take the lead on this path, although knowing that it is very difficult and difficult, but in order to create a reputation in their career, they have constantly made efforts, at times they have to stay up all night to find their shortcomings later that fixes. Perhaps the game created by them will be trusted and used by users very much. I'm ready for CYCLOPS FINANCE, what about you? Happy weekend 

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