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Hello everyone, my name isPascal Tallaridaand I’m a Co-Founder and the CEO ofJarvis.I’m very happy to finally present our much anticipated project. Jarvis is a glimpse into the future of finance! A master piece of sci-fi…

The issue with centralized applications.

One of the most redundant criticisms of centralized exchanges is the lack of control of your funds (alongside with their safety). There are other, more ideological criticisms such as proneness to censorship, but the advocates of decentralization mainly emphasize on the funds custody. However, there is one more problematic issue for me:the user experience in a centralized ecosystem is a disaster…

Yet, you are used to hearing the exact opposite! Actually, you have probably read that the long-anticipated mass adoption would occur only once the user-experience of decentralized applications will equal the one of centralized one. This statement, however, remains true! The user-experience within decentralized applications is very poor… but this can fixed. It’s the age-old centralized ecosystem that cannot.

Centralization requires each application to hold a separate account. Despite their technology level, these siloed applications do not talk to each other:they lack interoperability. We cannot buy stocks offered on Robinhood from a Revolut account; nor can we use credit to buy a TV on Amazon through Zopa; nor bet on a football game with Betclick from Coinbase. These applications deliver great value to their users and no one would ever criticize their inner user experience. But since they require multiple accounts and cannot communicate with each other, the whole user experience is bad. It is impossible to envision a single centralized application grouping all the value propositions of these apps. It is expected that this situation will never change.

Things would be different if these applications were decentralized…
Having a decentralized approach implies that the ecosystem is built around the user. In this case, it would have been possible that the aforementioned applications would be sharing the same user account so users can access the services, features and more general value propositions of these great applications, from a single seed, and a single deposit. As you might have understood, this is what we are building with Jarvis: a backbone that allows apps and dapps, native and external services, to be accessible and interoperable through a single account: your wallet!

You very own financial hub

Think of Jarvis like aplug-and-playwallet holding your funds and assets.It is a detachable wallet that you can connect to a wide range of native and external centralized and decentralized services and applications. Therefore, users can create their own financial hub which grants an access to unlimited value propositions, and infinitely expandable use cases.

Plugged to our hybrid exchange and its network of liquidity pools, users would get exposure to cross-chain and multi-assets trading offering; they could access a universal payment and credit network, and through partners Dapps, to investment solutions, derivatives trading, peer-to-peer lending, decentralized poker games, sport betting, etc.

The wallet could store cryptocurrencies, tokens, collectibles, data, digitized fiat, stocks, commodities, debt and more. Securely stored on users devices, these assets will be interoperable for increasing usability. They will be spendable and seamlessly exchangeable; could be pooled into baskets, used as collateral for credit or margin trading, and lent to provide liquidity. This will allow use cases where users could borrow dollars against cryptocurrencies and pay a restaurant bill with stocks holdings.

Jarvis is designed to provide a borderless experience that everyone could derive value from. It includes an AI with conversation skills, hence the name Jarvis. This AI could prevent users from making mistakes, answer their questions, help them make better decisions, and ease their navigation within the interfaces.

We will publish more articles depicting our vision, and most important the technological framework that makes this all possible. It includes a licensed multi-asset and hybrid exchange as well as a network of interoperable liquidity pools.

Changing theworld!

Some of us want to leave a footprint somewhere, somehow. It is a very inspirational quest that could be achieved in many ways. Some famous tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs actually repeatedly said that everyone could change the world. But as an entrepreneur, I have always wondered how could we do it?

Then I metCyril Tabet,a successful entrepreneur who has driven the expansion of multiple brokers including Alpari, Interbank Fx and more recently JFD, into top 10 worldwide listings. He was passionate about tech and business transformations and pushed me into the Blockchain world. It was a revelation! It was then that I saw how we can change the world for better!

Cyril introduced to meAndrew Anderson, an incredible human being ready to make a change through Blockchain! Andrew has overseen the development and delivery of both frontend and backend trading solutions involving various trading and liquidity technologies. He first began working with blockchain technologies in 2010. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional and digital markets, he designed the architecture of Jarvis, making ideas that sounded like science fiction, a possible reality.

Interesting anecdote: Andrew worked in 2010 on the very first Bitcoin CFD integration; it was a flop! By this time there were no demand for such products… so they ended up selling the 10 000 bitcoins they acquired to back the CFDs and gave up on this idea too much ahead of theirtime.

Together, we gathered a team of incredibly talented and passionate people coming from diverse backgrounds but united around the same idea: contributing to this revolution and creating products that will change people habits. We have been working hard on every aspect of the project, constantly adapting to the dynamic environment of today.


The possibilities are limitless — join us inTelegram, get to ourBounty, find out more inFacebook,Twitter,BitcointalkandInstagramor visit us

Risk Warning: Investing in digital financial assets involves a high degree of risk and volatility and is not suitable for all investors; do not risk more money than you can afford to lose. Please consult an independent professional financial or legal advisor to make sure the product is right for you.

Disclaimer: This article contains text, data, graphics, photographs, illustrations and information (“Information”) connected with Jarvis International and/or other entities part of the Jarvis group ( “Jarvis”). Jarvis attempts to ensure Information is accurate, however Information is provided “AS IS” and on an “AS AVAILABLE” basis and may not be accurate or up to date. The publication of this article does not represent solicitation by Jarvis of buying the token “Jarvis Reward Token” and is not to be considered as a recommendation by Jarvis as to the suitability of any investment, if any, herein described. No action should be taken or omitted to be taken in reliance upon Information in this document. Jarvis accepts no liability for the results of any action taken on the basis of the Information.



Daniel Staggs
12 Mar

Great to see a post from Jarvis, looking forward to updates being posted here on Uptrennd!


Jarvis Exchange
13 Mar

Hi, Dan! Yes, expect some more stuff soon! blush


Charles Fuchs - STACKIN
12 Mar

Jarvis looks interesting and also, welcome to uptrennd :)


Jarvis Exchange
13 Mar

Nice to meet you, Charles! It's good to be here!


preview not available Luke Brenland
12 Mar

Great to have you here with us :D Looking forward to the platform being launched :) i shall definitely be giving it ago! 


Jarvis Exchange
13 Mar

Thanks, Luke! It's super to be here also and to see such a vibrant blockchain community.


preview not available Romana Grubesic
12 Mar

Wonderful to see you here! can't wait for launching day!


Jarvis Exchange
13 Mar

Thanks, Romana! 

We are (understandably) also super excited to launch and get some feedback from the community.


preview not available Jansen Admin
13 Mar

Yay for decentralisation! 
Welcome to Uptrennd!

Jarvis: >> The wallet could store cryptocurrencies, tokens, collectibles, data, digitized fiat, stocks, commodities, debt and more.

Could you give more details about 'digitized fiat'? You mean normal fiat but visible in a digital wallet? 


Jarvis Exchange
19 Mar

Hello Jansen,

Digitized fiat refer to stable coin, synthetic currencies and real fiat that has been digitized as you described it :)

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Trade Apple stocks with Bitcoin. Make Forex investments with a Litecoin deposit. Jarvis allows to manage one's assets, to access fiat, crypto, stocks, Forex and CFDs trading and DApps from multiple blockchains.



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