Interfinex - The Future of Decentralised Finance


Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, this digital coin has brought many changes in the global financial industry. There are technologies such as blockchain and some features that can compete with the traditional payments that cryptocurrencies bring. At first, people were skeptical of this technology, but no one thought that bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency in the world, could break 20K USD per token. This proves that cryptocurrency has started to be in demand by many people globally.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency, it is the record-keeping technology behind the bitcoin network, which is distributed and decentralized. The mass adoption of blockchain allows crypto developers to develop the blockchain so that it can be better applied to more complex financial cases. DeFi or what is commonly known as decentralized finance is a protocol that is the result of the development of the blockchain. This allows people to be able to implement traditional financial instruments into a decentralized ecosystem, which can provide users with a variety of services such as to lend, stake, swap, or liquidity pool - and Interfinex is a protocol that will provide users with a variety of DeFi features such as swap trade and liquidity. pool. This allows users to enjoy DeFi solutions easily and safely.

 The Future of Decentralised Finance 

As explained in the first section, Interfinex is a protocol that will provide users with a variety of DeFi features such as swap trade and liquidity. The Interfinex solution allows users to swap their ERC-20 tokens to various other ERC-20 tokens by only paying a fee of 0.1% on all trades. Or become a liquidity provider by depositing an equivalent amount of ERC20 tokens into the pool and getting a return according to their participation.

 Interfinex Features 

  • Swap Trade: Allows users to be able to exchange their ERC-20 tokens to various ERC-20 tokens with a fee of only 0.1% on all trades or provide a referral and receive a 51% discount.

  • Liquidity Pool: Users can deposit their assets into a liquidity pool and start yield farming.

  • Interfinex Bills: The final 10% of all fees that are earned in the liquidity pools will be used to purchase Interfinex Bills. Later Interfinex Bills will be distributed to Interfinex Bill token holders.


Interfinex plans to distribute 30% of tokens to exchanges. 10% of tokens will go towards marketing, 30% as community incentives, 20% to team members, and the final 10% to founders. This division is intended to support the operations and development of the Interfinex platform in the future.

 In Conclusion 

The presence of the DeFi protocol in the crypto market becomes "oxygen" for crypto investors who want to maximize their profits in the crypto market. With various DeFi features, it allows all participants in the decentralized ecosystem to benefit. Interfinex is a protocol that provides DeFi features such as swap and yield farming, which allows users to maximize their profit on the crypto market easily and safely.


  • With — you can convert any ERC20 token into any other ERC20 token and pay a fee of 0.1% on all trades.

  • Deposit an equivalent amount of ERC20 tokens into the pool and start yield farming.

  • You can purchase Interfinex Bill tokens here: Interfinex and Uniswap.




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