Interesting People: Anousheh Ansari

Anousheh Ansari was born September 12, 1966, Mashhad, Iran.  

Her life story could be titled:  Dots on the Map from Iran to Texas to Space. preview not available

Anousheh Ansari’s family is originally from Iran but they transplanted themselves in America after the Islamic Revolution; and guess where they chose to settle? Yup! Texas! 

She had a childhood dream. Going into space.

Did she realize that dream? Yes she did!

Did she have to overcome prejudices and obstacles? Uuuhhh … hmmm?

A female, an American of Iranian descent who wanted to display both the American and Iranian flags on the sleeve of her spacesuit.

Was she insane? NO! She was a dreamer and her dreams came true!

Anouseh Ansari’s story is your typical American success story. Or at least, all of US would like to believe that her story is “typical” because it feels good to be able to boast to others that this kind of dream realization happens only in America. Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” likes to call these kinds of typical fairy tales “American exceptionalism”.



Suny Ag
25 Nov

Great post and intro to this brave girl. This platform is all about dreamers. I would like you to introduce to @Tiger Lily another dreamer and my mentor on this platform. Right now she is busy on a project but you will meet her soon. She is from your part of the world.  


preview not available Timo Thee
29 Nov

I only learned about her recently, and was fascinated by the against-all-odds success story: a political refugee to an astronaut! 







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