Asslamoalaikum uptrend community hope you are doing well and fit.Happy 2up Tuseday dear

In the law class, the teacher stood up and asked a student his name and asked him to leave the class without any reason.  The student tried to find out the reason and give several arguments in his defense but the teacher did not listen to a single one and insisted on his decision.  The student came out with a broken heart and grief, but he considered the abuse to be cruel.  The surprise was on the rest of the students who bowed their heads and sat in silence.

 At the beginning of the lecture, the teacher asked the students: Why laws are made?  One student stood up and said: To control people's attitudes.

 Another student said: To apply to society.

 The third said;  So that no strong person can abuse the weak.

 After hearing several answers, the teacher said: All these answers are correct but not enough.

 One student stood up and said: So that justice can be done.

 The teacher said: Yes, this is exactly the answer I wanted to hear.  So that justice may prevail.

 The teacher then asked: But what is the use of justice and fairness?

 One student replied: So that the rights of the people can be protected and no one can oppress anyone.

 This time the teacher said after a pause: Well, without fear of me and without hesitation answer one of my questions, have I done any wrong or abuse by removing your fellow student from the classroom?

 All students answered in unison  Yes sir, you have abused.

 This time the teacher spoke angrily and said: Well, there has been injustice.  Then why did you all remain silent?  What is the use of such laws which no one has the courage to enforce?

 When your fellow student was being abused and you were silent about it, it just meant that you had lost your humanity.  And remember, when humanity falls, there is no substitute for it.

 At the same time, the teacher stood outside the room

  He called the student back in, apologized to him in front of everyone, and turned to the rest of the students, saying: This is your lesson for today.  And go, go and find such injustices in the society and think of ways to enforce the law to correct them ...

Specially dedicated the person down votes without any reason mentioned



Nabira Fatima
03 Nov

W. Salam... 

Happy 2up Tuesday.. 

According to my experience most of the crimes are due to injustice... 


Ademigoke Emmanuel
03 Nov

I like this your post and every person that downvote without reason must Baer this. So many people have abused the downvote button. Always downvote for the good reasons 


Farooq Khan
03 Nov

For the last 3 days, I have received almost 60 downvotes without giving any reason, this is injustice. On those comments I made on some  posts a month ago or 45 days ago.


Saira Kakar
03 Nov

Walaikum asalam and happy 2up day 

Injustice is an big issue in these day and people went for it on the wrong path and because of it crime ratio is increasing


Syed Ali Hussain
03 Nov

There is such a thing as law. Which is decided with a lot of thought and understanding. It can punish the innocent. And the culprit can be set free. Therefore, it is important that the requirements of justice be met.







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