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29 Feb
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Initial Thoughts On The EOS Voice Application

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aloha dreamer 4 months ago

Hi Scott, I have to agree with you in relation to being unable to edit posts, I imagine this would be annoying, but I can also see how it could also motivate people take the time to write the post and edit it ahead of time, creating a more quality post.

Also, 3000 tokens is a nice reward for signing up!

However, what you shared around "thought policing" is very thought provoking!  It's interesting to consider that they are wanting to keep you from saying what they think you're not saying directly, but instead "coding" WOW!

David Dagunduro 4 months ago

Same as I thought 3,000 tokens is a really cool reward, but question is can it be transferred and how do one cashout their voice token for btc or eos

Scott Cunningham 4 months ago

You don't. No way to earn money, sell, or buy during the beta and there's a high chance all the tokens will be reset at the end of the beta according to Voice. Steemit was in beta for years. So who knows.

aloha dreamer 4 months ago

Hmm, I'm losing interest quickly.  Beyond the "fake" beta 3000 tokens, I'm not sure that I could "code" correctly and my altar ego wants to believe that "coding" is just another way of saying "be sarcastic"

Pete Pierson 4 months ago

I was excited about Voice and I have been waiting for it expectantly, but one of the reasons that I'm here on Uptrennd and powering up is that after hearing about how Voice will be run I have lost interest. Uptrennd is openly centralized right now and they are still building out the platform, but I have more confidence in the team here that I do in block one and I'm now really suspicious of their motives and who is behind them. I want to get away from Facebook and the mega corporations, I don't want to just leave one evil and trade it for another.

EngrSamest . 4 months ago

For me, its not really cool to have a platform you can't edit your content after posting that's trash and it will present a platform unworthy to be released to the general public knowing that there are several platform voice suppose consider all this and release good product

Funshel Emmanuel 4 months ago

Had to go through your post because I have interest in voice. I couldn't access the beta too as it is open to those resident in US and I am not in US. It is still in beta stage and I believe so many changes will be put in place. I really don't like the fact that one can't edit post.

Mike Etim 4 months ago

This is a well documented bulk of information about the voice app platform.

This few lines alone has already given me all that I need to take a leap.

But am of the thought and opinion that one's inability to edit a post after posting which is one of the challenge in the platform should be taken care of because a platform of such ought to have a feature that enables post editing even after posting in case one wants to correct, add or remove anything from the post.

Thank you very much for the updates.


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