Information Technology and You (part 2)

  1. Commercial Businesses: Information Technology has influenced busineses in several ways. The most importance of its effect is the provision of commercial advantage (advertisement, public awareness). In Information Technology, Technologies like computer aided design, relational data base, spreadsheets and word processing softwares all provide commercial benefits to businesses, as it does in the automation of manufacturing processes. 

  2. News and Media organizations: News and media now have more access to more people, they have wider audience, the audience however have a wider global choice. News report can be received which highlight many different sides of international conflict that was possible before. The relative cheapness of being able to publish information accessible any where in the world. 

  3. Educational Organization: The available technology today, has made a wealth of knowledge for students, which offers a great potential for the speed and style of learning. Information is presented in many ways that any type of learner whether gifted or disabled can find and use the necessary materials. With e-learning platforms, the knowledge therein is made available for all who have areas without discrimination. 

  4. Banking system: The effect of Information Technology in the banking system cannot be over emphases, as almost all the works in the banks are now done with machines. Therefore creating unemployment in the society. For example, Informational Technology can be used by banks to safe guard loan terms competitiveness, cost efficiency and profitability increase. The emergence of Information Technology has brought about automatic clearing system in the banks. The bank performance is becoming profitable and productive. Through the usage of Information Communication Technology the banking customers are served most faster, customers also transact business at there convience. Also it is through Information Technology that we have machine or electronic gadget like ATM, POS etc. Banking customers no long spend much time in the banking hall all in the name of bank transaction. The bank mangers now stay at their convinence and monitor the activities going on in the banking hall. People now make withdrawal from any location of their choice. E-banking is being possible as a result of Information Technology. Cashless possible can only be aachieved if the Information Technology is being taken serious by the government of the countries that need it. 

  5. Household: Most of the domestic works in our houses are now been done by machines. This is as a result of the Information Technology. For instance, the washing machine – before the innovation of Washing machine people leave their duty post all in the  name of going home to wash their cloths which may take several hours to complete thereby leave office work. Refrigerator came up as a result of Information Technology. People now pick cool water from their frige and drink without any body knowing about it. The generator set is also as a result of Information Technology. In the olden days people use lambs to see road during dark, but now people on there generator and use it as it pleases them.  







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