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Elena Demou 5 months ago

Yes! Yes! Yes! Get it girl! Go make your dreams come true!

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

Yea! I sure would. And you would be so proud of me. Lol

Elena Demou 5 months ago

Yeah I wuold, don't forget about us little people!

Victoria Haruna  5 months ago

Did you just say 'us little people'? U are trying to be humble right? Lol.

Salena Billings 5 months ago

Wow!  I love learning more about you and this visualization and manifestation in action!  Just one question! Why didn't your mark your post OC?

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

Wow. I never realised I didn't do that. Thanks so much for the observation.

Salena Billings 5 months ago

You're welcome!  I love this community and the opportunity to support one another!

Nathan Kaytar 5 months ago

So are all so glad to have you here on this journey with us!

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for user just like yourself that have taken it upon themselves to help the Uptrennd ecosystem grow.

Just keep believing in yourself, I know I believe in you. ?

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

Am most fortunate to be here. Thanks so much.

I am honestly glad to be on this platform, this is just a bit of what UPTRENND is doing for me.

Aminu Idris 5 months ago

I'm proud of you lol

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

Thanks so much.  See you at the top

Osato Jegede 5 months ago

I totally like this, you can make it, yes you can. I will be looking for you in Elena circle of influential women come 2025.

St3v3 T88888 5 months ago

Maybe not even that long at this rate she is going Osato

Victoria Haruna 5 months ago

Hahaha. Am even more motivated now.  Thank u guys. I owe it to you all who ignored the passion in me. 


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